Comics A.M. | 'This is not a colorists thing'; GNs as learning tools

Creators | Colorist Jordie Bellaire launches a protest against a convention that refuses to include colorists as guests. "Your one sentence, 'this is not a colorists thing,' was surely the most pigheaded and dismissive thing I’ve been told since I began professional coloring," she writes, and then goes on to point out all the things colorists do to make comics great and make a forceful argument for including them (as many major cons already do). In a later post she explains why she won't name the convention. [Jordie Colors Things]

Graphic novels | A study soon to be released by a University of Oklahoma researcher shows that students who read a textbook in graphic novel form retained more than those who read a straight prose textbook. [The Oklahoman]

Comics | David Brothers pens a passionate but thoughtful response to a reader who wonders whether comics wouldn't be better off without the Big Two and the direct market, pointing out that the problems with both are fixable: "Capes aren’t bad. Corporations aren’t bad. Corporate comics aren’t bad, either. What’s bad is the behavior that people get up to, whether that means screwing talent, running games on your audience, stiffing your retailers, and using predatory tactics to flood the market and then blaming readers for books flopping. Corporations and creator-owned dudes both run scams on people." [4thLetter]

Digital comics | ComiXology gets noticed by analysts as a company "to keep your eyes on." [Crain's New York Business]

Creators | Mark Siegel talks about the creation of his graphic novel Sailor Twain, which he started working on even before he became the publisher of First Second Books. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Creators | Sean T. Collins interviews newcomer artist Heather Benjamin [The Comics Journal]

Creators | New Yorker Steve Sheinkin talks about El Illuminado, a graphic novel set in New Mexico that he co-created with Ilan Stavans, and his trip to Santa Fe to do research for the book: "It really looks like nothing else I’ve ever seen in this country. ... It’s just culturally different." [Tucson Weekly]

Comics | Kelly Knox talks to Christina Blanch, the Ball State University instructor who is launching an online course that will explore gender issues in comic books and comics culture (such as the "fake geek girl" controversy) and will include interviews with a number of well known comics creators, including Mark Waid and Gail Simone. [GeekMom]

Manga | Ng Suat Tong takes down Moto Hagio's Heart of Thomas: "The romance here is as invigorating as ice on genitals." [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Scholarships | Applications are being accepted through March 4 for the 2013 Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Scholarship, open to graduating high school seniors who are enrolling in a college, university or trade school to study animation. The application and further details can be found here. [Warner Bros. Entertainment]

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