Comics A.M. | Theakston threatens action against Kirby Museum

Legal | Illustrator Greg Theakston tells The Comics Journal that during his Christmas vacation, he plans to file a police complaint against the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center, alleging it stole about 3,000 photocopies of Kirby's pencil work. Theakston gave the photocopies to the museum, but he contends it was intended to be a loan, while the museum says it was an outright donation. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because Theakston has been threatening legal action since August. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Paul Tumey posts a charming series of letters from Pogo creator Walt Kelly to a young pen pal (who had a pet alligator named Albert), along with plenty of backstory. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Rob Salkowitz looks at the biggest comics news stories of the year, including Amazon's purchase of comiXology, Image's increasing market share and Disney's settlement with Jack Kirby's heirs. [ICv2]

Comics | Jim Korkis looks at some vintage Disney Christmas comics, including those created by Western Publishing as giveaways for the Firestone Tire company (which were reprinted by BOOM! Studios as Walt Disney's Christmas Classics) and Walt Disney's Christmas Parade, published first by Dell and later by Gold Key. [MousePlanet]

Digital comics | Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, who teaches narrative technology and interactive media courses at the University of Hertfordshire and is working toward a doctorate in digital comics, talks about his part in Alan Moore's Electrocomics digital-comics project. [Bleeding Cool]

Best of the year | Michael Dooley highlights seven noteworthy comics and books about comics published during the past year. [Print Magazine]

Comics | No decoder ring needed: Reed Beebe cracks the secret code in a World War II-era comic, The Green Lama. [Nothing But Comics]

Comics art | Some original Peanuts artwork for greeting cards, drawn by Charles Schulz, was recently re-appraised at $200,000 to $250,000; the art was originally appraised on a 2005 episode of Antiques Roadshow at $150,000 to $200,000. [The Indy Channel]

Conventions | Connecticut's ComiCONN is moving from Bridgeport, Connecticut, to the Mohegan Sun casino next year. [CTPost.com]

Retailing | The Albuquerque, New Mexico, comic shop Astro Zombies is collecting sleeping bags for the homeless; everyone who donates a new, cold-weather sleeping bag is entered into a raffle. Store staff will distribute the sleeping bags on Christmas Eve. [KRQE]

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