Comics A.M. | <i>The Walking Dead</i> reasserts bookstore dominance

Graphic novels | Two volumes of The Walking Dead Compendium topped BookScan's list of the Top 20 graphic novels sold in bookstores in March, and Vol. 60 of Naruto was No. 3, but ICv2 thinks the new Avatar: The Next Airbender graphic novel premiering at No. 4 is headline-worthy. [ICv2]

Awards | With his duties complete, Charles Hatfield describes what it was like to be an Eisner judge. [See Hatfield]

Creators | Gilbert Hernandez talks about his childhood and that influences, from Dennis the Menace to Steve Ditko, that shaped his latest graphic novel, Marble Season. [The Chicago Tribune]

Creators | Writer Paul Kupperberg is working on a prose novel about the Archie character Kevin Keller, who wasn't always as perfect as he appears in the comic: “It’s Kevin in middle school, and it deals with him being the new kid in town, being kind of overweight and geeky and having braces and bad skin at that age, and also fitting in and coming to terms with his sexuality and dealing with bullying issues as well. It’s a different take on the character. It’s sort of the secret origins of Kevin.” [The Advocate]

Creators | Arthur Wyatt talks about his new series for Judge Dredd Megazine, "The Streets of Dan Francisco." [The Beat]

Creators | Naomi Fry interviews Genevieve Castrée, creator of the just-released graphic novel Susceptible. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Shane-Michael Vidaurri discusses his debut graphic novel, Iron: Or, the War After, which he describes as "The Wind in the Willows meets All Quiet on the Western Front." [The Morton Report]

Comics | As part of the Hooded Utilitarian's roundtable on comics and music, Brian Cremin writes about Roy Thomas and Gil Kane's tribute to Bob Dylan in Captain Marvel #20. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Academia | Dartmouth English professor Michael Chaney talks about the conference he has organized for this coming weekend on illustration, comics, and animation, three things that academics often keep separate. [The Dartmouth]

Retailing | Escape Velocity Comics, of Colorado Springs, is expanding, and the new store is next to a movie theater. [The Colorado Springs Gazette]

Manga | Ryoko Ikeda is returning to her classic manga The Rose of Versailles, a story of cross-dressing intrigue and derrring-do in the court of Marie Antoinette, to write a standalone chapter for the 50th anniversary issue of the girls' manga magazine Margaret. [Anime News Network]

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