Comics A.M. | The interview edition

• Eric Heater kicks off the first part of a two-part interview with cartoonist Eric Powell, who discusses the convention circuit, trying to explain The Goon, and the evolution of his creation: "The art is always changing and evolving, because I love playing with the medium and experimenting. And the stories go anywhere from completely absurd to, with Chinatown, overly dramatic and serious. I don’t plan on changing that. If I want to do Goon fighting giant robots, I’m gonna do that. If I want to do a serious love story, I’ll do that. I’m going to do whatever I want to do, and if people like it, that’s awesome." [The Daily Cross Hatch]

• Mike Perridge talks with High Moon creators David Gallaher and Steve Ellis about the third season of their supernatural-Western webcomic. [mpd57]

• Jeffery Klaehn chats with artist Tom Scioli about Godland, the concept of "cosmic," and the work of Jack Kirby. [Pop]

Mark Crilley talks Akiko, Miki Falls: “With Akiko, the main character is female in a science-fiction tale loaded with things for boys: robots, aliens, explosions. If the series had a boy as the main character, the testosterone might push it off girls’ radar screen. I thought having a female as the main character was a tradition – it’s what you do.” [Mania]

• Writer, and sales-charts guru, John Jackson Miller answers 10 questions about penning comics. [ComicsCareer.com]

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