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Conventions | Although WonderCon organizers are still tabulating attendance from last weekend's convention, they say that "by all accounts the numbers for 2010 met or exceeded those for 2009." Last year's event drew about 34,000, a significant increase from the 20,000 that attended in 2008. They also set the dates for the 2011 convention: April 1-3, which undoubtedly means we'll have to endure numerous April Fool's announcements of titles and creative teams. [press release]

Awards | Deb Aoki, Lauren Davis, Tom Spurgeon and David Welsh provide commentary on the 2010 Eisner Award nominees. In case you missed it, I also offered my reactions. [Eisner Awards]

Creators | In an oddly worded post, Clifford Meth reports that 83-year-old comic artist Gene Colan was injured last week, and his being cared for by his children: "In addition, it appears that some of Gene’s artwork has disappeared, including pages from Nathanial Dusk and a Star Wars-related piece. The police are involved in the matter." [Clifford Meth]

Business | Lorraine Mirabella has a follow-up on Thursday's foreclosure auction of a Baltimore County, Maryland, mansion owned by Diamond Comic Distributors CEO Steve Geppi. The mortgage lender bought back the nine-acre property for $2.8 million. Geppi and his wife Melinda bought the 19th-century home in 2004 for $4.8 million, and defaulted on the loan in February 2009. [The Baltimore Sun]

Awards | Batman: Gotham After Midnight, by Steve Niles and Kelley Jones, was named Best Horror Comic in the eighth annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. [Rondo Hatton Awards]

Creators | Using the three-year-old controversy about the Mary Jane "washerwoman" statue as a sort of touchstone, Shannon Donnelly spotlights "the New Wonder Women of Comics" -- female readership, and creators and editors like Karen Berger, Rebekkah Isaacs, Jeanine Schaefer, Gail Simone and G. Willow Wilson (most of whom have been working in comics for years). [The Daily Beast]

Creators | Cartoonist Dash Shaw discusses BodyWorld. [io9.com]

Creators | The Sixth Gun collaborators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt talk about their upcoming supernatural Western. "There's an interesting alchemy that happens when you take two genres, each with their own language and rules, and then smash them together," Hurtt says. "It's great fuel for the imagination – it keeps us, as creators, from falling too easily into genre conventions, and it keeps the reader from knowing exactly what to expect. With Westerns, there are many tropes and iconic imagery that are so embedded in our cultural consciousness that it's fun to take those things and play off them or against the reader's expectations. And the same can be said of the imagery and ideas of fantasy. This isn't a fantasy dressed as a Western, or vice versa, but instead an amalgamation of the two." [Free Comic Book Day]

Creators | Alex Dueben talks to artist Robert Williams about underground comics, the Zap Comix collective and contributing to this year's Whitney Biennial. [Suicide Girls]

Creators | MediaGlobal profiles writer Joshua Dysart, focusing on his work on Vertigo's Unknown Soldier. [MediaGlobal]

Manga | The story that keeps going, and going and going: Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God), the manga that sparks a wine craze in virtually every country in which it's released. [CNNGo.com]

Pop culture | Is Marvel's Ryan Penagos (aka Agent M) one of the 10 hottest geek guys? [GeekWeek]

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