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Passings | Veteran inker Mike Esposito, who teamed with childhood friend and frequent collaborator Ross Andru on such DC Comics titles as Action Comics, Wonder Woman and Metal Men, passed away Sunday at age 83. To conceal his Marvel work from DC, Esposito used the pseudonym Mickey Demeo, inking John Romita Sr. on The Amazing Spider-Man and Jack Kirby on The Hulk. Andru later joined him at Marvel on Spider-Man. [Mark Evanier]

Publishing | Kuwaiti entrepreneur Naif al-Mutawa, whose Muslim-superhero comic The 99 recently met with absurd, manufactured controversy, is profiled just as DC Comics prepares to debut a crossover with the Justice League: "It seems likely that a media firestorm is brewing. On forums last week, DC comics faced accusations of 'Muslim pandering' and 'treachery,' but that's the salient feature of The 99, not just that they're superheroes from four continents fighting crime wherever they find it, but that they – and Mutawa – have to fight enemies and overcome resistance from both the east and the west. 'One of the tough things is that people always think I'm working for someone else. In America, it's like, "Sure, they're private investors." Back home, they think I'm working for the Americans and here they think I'm working for some sort of Islamic agenda'." [The Observer]

Publishing | Calvin Reid looks at upcoming changes at long-troubled e-book publisher Wowio.com. [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | Dario Di Zanni of Disney Publishing Worldwide discusses Disney DigiComics. [ICv2.com]

Conventions | Robert Meeks previews the second Long Beach Comic Con, which kicks off Friday at the Long Beach Convention Center. [Press-Telegram]

Retailing | Chris Randazzo, owner of Galaxy Comics Games and More in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is profiled. [Wausau Daily Herald]

Creators | Alex Robinson talks about the upcoming re-release of his 2005 graphic novel Tricked: "It's interesting to me because I feel like Tricked has always kind of been the overlooked child of the three graphic novels I've done. I mean, it's going to a third printing, so it's not as if it bombed or anything, but with Too Cool being the most recent book and Box Office Poison kind of being the one that everyone knows, Tricked is kind of the Jan Brady of the set." [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Creators | Inker Ray Snyder is profiled as part of a series about Macon, Georgia, as a hub for comic artists. [Macon Telegraph]

Comics | Dareh Gregorian spotlights the debut this week of Superman: Earth One, the graphic novel by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis: "In Superman: Earth One, the Man of Steel is a conflicted 20-year-old who's trying to find his way in the world, bearing more of a resemblance to Robert Pattinson from the Twilight movies than Christopher Reeve from the Superman films." [New York Post]

Comics | Grey Scherl looks at 10 Marvel and DC series that haven't been collected. [Inside Pulse]

Comics | Ben Morse recommends superhero comics for beginners. [The Faster Times]

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