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Publishing | Haven Distributors will offer direct-market retailers "the deepest discount option available" -- 50 percent off the cover price -- on the full line of BOOM! Studios titles, undercutting Diamond Comic Distributors. The deal expands on an agreement announced in October for distribution of the publisher's second printings and specialty items.

Johanna Draper Carlson has commentary: "I’m not sure current readers understand how big a deal it is for a publisher to thumb their nose at what used to be the biggest elephant in the comic industry. Saying “go buy our books elsewhere, they’re cheaper” is amazingly brazen, but this isn’t the first time Boom! has tweaked Diamond, and they’re quite ambitious with their distribution plans." [Haven Distributors, BOOM! Studios]


Conventions | Comic-Con's David Glanzer tells Tom Spurgeon that the price of exhibitor badges was increased from $75 to $200 in part to curb their abuse. [The Comics Reporter]

Conventions | Christopher Butcher weighs in on San Diego's "routinely horrible" treatment of Comic-Con International, which is being aggressively courted by Los Angeles and Anaheim. [Comics212]

Conventions | Torontoist's Dave Howard showcases some highlights of this weekend's Toronto Comics Art Festival, and interviews guest James Sturm. [Toronto Comics Art Festival]

Publishing | Image Comics has hired Todd Martinez, former manager of Comic Relief in Berkeley, California, as sales and licensing coordinator. He replaces Joe Keatinge, the publisher's former PR and marketing coordinator who assumed the sales and licensing position just two months ago. Keatinge publicly announced his departure from Image on Monday: "I'm no longer at Image Comics. I love the company and great staff there, but sometimes things just end. Looking forward to what's next ..." [press release]


Publishing | Shaenon K. Garrity offers tips for those self-publishing their first comics. [ComiXology]

Webcomics | Lauren Davis looks at Jonathan Rosenberg's decision to put his 13-year-old series Goats on hiatus: "The Internet is still, in many ways, the Wild West for content creators, and Rosenberg was one of the first cartoonists to plant his stake. In 1997, creators were trying to share their comics with the world, and maybe build a following. They probably weren't thinking about what their business models would look like in 2010. And they probably wouldn't have anticipated the reddit and Digg culture that drives eyeballs toward gag-a-day strips like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and xkcd over long-form comics." [Storming the Tower]


Sales charts | The Kick-Ass hardcover collection topped BookScan's chart of graphic novels sold in bookstores in April. [ICv2.com]

Creators | The Toronto Star and Eye Weekly profile Daniel Clowes in advance of his appearance at this weekend's Toronto Comics Art Festival. [Toronto Comics Art Festival]

Creators | The National Post keeps rolling out those Q&As with creators attending this weekend's Toronto Comics Art Festival: Brian McLachlan; Robin McConnell; Frank Cammuso; Eric Kim; Jim Ottaviani; Evan Dorkin; and Chris Pitzer.

Creators | Heidi MacDonald talks with Jim McCann about leaving his job as Marvel's assistant manager of marketing communications to write titles like Hawkeye & Mockingbird and his own Return of the Dapper Men. [The Beat]

Creators | Brian Truitt spotlights writer Chris Roberson, focusing on I, Zombie, his new Vertigo series with Mike Allred. [USA Today]

Creators | Karl Kessel discusses Marvel's new online serial Captain America: The 1940s Newspaper Strip. [iFanboy]

Creators | Jeff Lemire provides a glimpse of his home studio. [Eye Weekly]

Comics | You know you want to read it: A guide to superhero facial hair. [Victoria Advocate]

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