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Legal | Matthew Beloni takes a closer look at Warner Bros. effort to discredit attorney Marc Toberoff with a lawsuit accusing him of manipulating the Siegel and Shuster families and gaining a financial stake in the Superman copyright: "... An interesting issue here is the length to which Warners is willing to go to defend (or, in this case, recapture) intellectual property rights. A year after being blindsided by Fox in a rights dispute over Watchmen, the studio has clearly learned its lesson, filing one of the more tactically peculiar yet brazenly aggressive Hollywood lawsuits in recent years. It is clearly designed to discredit as much as disarm a lawyer who often seems to stand in its way." [THR, Esq.]

Legal | David Welsh questions a tactic apparently being used in the fight against online manga piracy -- complaining to AdSense clients that, by allowing their ads to appear on scanlation sites, they're sponsoring "child porn": "... This approach – demonizing the content in an effort to hinder its unethical purveyors – strikes me as counterproductive in the extreme. Instead of pushing Google to respect copyright and intellectual property and vet its advertisers, it pokes at Google’s worst and most reactionary impulses while fostering the kind of lurid suspicion that has always plagued manga to some degree." [Manga Curmudgeon]

Conventions | Reports from the first ComiCONN, held Saturday in North Haven, Connecticut. [WTNH, CTNow]

Libraries | Anne Barnard spotlights the popularity of manga, and manga clubs, at the Queens Library in New York. [The New York Times]

Awards | Suvudu continues its "Eisner Award Shakedown" with a look at the 2010 nominees for Best Adaptation from Another Work. [Suvudu.com]

Manga | Christopher Butcher looks at the brick-thick Monthly Shonen Gangan anthology. [Comics212]

Creators | John Hogan interviews comics legend Joe Kubert about his career and his new Vertigo graphic novel Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Creators | Cartoonist Evan Dorkin is interviewed at length as Comic Attack's "Artist of the Month." [Comic Attack]

Creators | Author Janet Evanovich talks about venturing into comics with her upcoming graphic novel Troublemaker: "I have always loved comics. I grew up in a little town in New Jersey and we didn't have a lot of money, so what we could afford were comics. I read Little Lulu, Katie Keene, Huey and Dewey. I still have a subscription to Uncle Scrooge!" [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Artist/musician Ben White discusses ending his diary comic Snake Pit after 10 years. [American-Statesman]

Fandom | Ben Morse recounts his history with The Avengers. He started reading the title during the Doctor Druid Era, yet stuck around anyway. [The Cool Kids Table]

Crime | The man at the center of an alleged real estate fraud scheme in California also is accused of laundering money by buying three Superman comic books for a total of $150,000 and a piece of art for $100,000. [San Diego News Network]

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