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Retailing | The struggling Borders Group has raised $25 million from the sale last week of 11.1 million shares of new stock to Bennett S. LeBow, a financier and corporate raider best known for his investments in the tobacco industry. LeBow, who's now the bookseller's largest shareholder, also was named chairman, replacing Richard McGuire. [Detroit Free Press, ICv2.com]

Creators | Rich Johnston uncovers the sad family troubles behind Gene Colan's recent injury, his missing artwork and confusing state of business affairs. Clifford Meth, Colan's friend and business associate, seems to confirm Johnston's take on events. [Bleeding Cool]

Passings | Tom Spurgeon pens a more extensive obituary for comics creator and animator Howard Post who, as we noted yesterday, passed away last week. [The Comics Reporter]

Publishing | Simon Jones offers additional commentary on the state of the North American manga market: "I am somewhat worried by more calls for adult manga in response to this bust cycle, however (ironic, I know). It’s not that I wouldn’t like to see more varieties of mature manga being published in the states, but I just don’t see any evidence the lack thereof was the cause behind the layoff at Viz or the various publisher closures, nor would adult manga have inoculated them from these industry contractions (I would also say that manga piracy is several orders of magnitude greater than comic piracy. Would Marvel allow any of the dozens of major aggregator scan sites that manga contends with to operate unmolested?)." [Icarus Publishing]

Awards | Suvudu continues its "Eisner Award Shakedown" with a look at the nominees for Best Digital Comic. [Suvudu.com]

Creators | Kai-Ming Cha talks to Boys of Summer artist Hiroki Otsuka. [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Mouse Guard creator David Petersen interviews Cursed Pirate Girl creator Jeremy Bastian, who's working on Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard. [David Petersen's Blog]

Manga | Mania contributors name 20 must-have titles from DC's recently shuttered CMX imprint. [Mania]

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