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Digital comics | Michael Cavna reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs essentially accused cartoonist Mark Fiore of lying about the rejection of his iPhone app, telling attendees at a tech conference the Pulitzer Prize winner "never resubmitted" NewsToons after the company's initial brush-off. "We're doing the best we can, we're fixing mistakes," Jobs is quoted as saying. "But what happens is -- people lie. And then they run to the press and tell people about this oppression, and they get their 15 minutes of fame. We don't run to the press and say 'this guy is a son of a bitch liar!' -- we don't do that."

Fiore seems baffled, telling Cavna: "My NewsToons app was, in fact, rejected. ... The reason I never resubmitted the app was because I wasn't about to make the changes Apple sought and remove any 'content that ridicules public figures.' Ridiculing public figures is what I do and is an essential part of journalism." Tom Spurgeon offers some commentary, pointing out how strange Jobs' accusations are. [Comic Riffs]

Legal | The Democratic Party of Japan, which holds 54 of the 127 seats in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, and several smaller groups are threatening on June 14 to vote down a bill to tighten restrictions on the sexual depictions of minors in comics, animation and video games. Gov. Shintaro Ishihara said Tokyo could come up with a new bill if the current one is defeated. [The Japan Times]

Business | WOWIO, the long-struggling ebook publisher, announced it has raised $1.7 million in private financing and acquired WEvolt.com, an online community for creators to share and promote their work. The new financing follows a $1-million seed round completed in October. [press release]

Business | GeekChicDaily, the pop culture e-newsletter co-founded in October by Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus, has received an investment in "the mid-six figures" from former AOL Time Warner executive Bob Pittman and his partner Andrew Russell. They'll join GeekChicDaily's advisory board. [Variety]

Sales charts | The fourth volume of Kanoko Sakurakoji's Blackbird, from Viz Media, topped BookScan's list of adult graphic novels sold in bookstores in May. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s Kick-Ass hardcover was No. 2, while Daniel Clowes' Wilson debuted at No. 15. Manga accounted for 15 of the Top 20 spots. [ICv2.com]

Events | Host registration is open for the seventh annual 24-Hour Comics Day, set for Oct. 2. [ComicsPRO]

Creators | The University of Cincinnati student newspaper spotlights cartoonist, and adjunct professor, Carol Tyler. [The News Record]

Creators | DC Comics Art Director Mark Chiarello talks about Wednesday Comics and the possibility of a follow-up: "It did very well financially and creatively.  I …  I sort of …  It was so labor intensive to put the project together that I’m having a ‘Nam flashback just thinking about it.  But I think the machine is built now so it would be easier to do a sequel. [...] I think the real key is that we’d only do it if it could be as good or better than the original series." [Big Shiny Robot]

Creators | Jeff Lemire discusses his Vertigo series Sweet Tooth and his upcoming stint as writer of DC's relaunched Superboy title. [AICN]

Creators | Raina Telgemeier talks about her autobiographical webcomic-turned-graphic novel Smile and Del Rey's cancellation of the second volume of X-Men: Misfits: "It’s licensed and it was work-for-hire, so we got paid to do the work. And that’s how any work-for-hire job is: you can hope that the books will come out, but if they don’t, you kind of just have to shrug your shoulders and hope for the best next time." [Playback:stl]

Creators | Benjamin Bailey briefly interviews Chew artist Rob Guillory. [Earth 616]

Creators | Von Allan chats about his graphic novels the road to god knows ... and Stargazer. [Seattlest]

Comics | Ben Morse looks at the history of Robin the Boy Wonder: "I think the turnover rate of Robin as well as the aging of the mantle’s former holders all ties back to this idea of the original fan service character and how creators have been quite diligent in evolving him as the audience has grown, changed, regressed and done it all over again." [The Cool Kids Table]

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