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Publishing | D.C. Thomson & Co., publisher of long-running comics like The Beano and The Dandy, is closing a printing plant in Dundee, Scotland, eliminating up to 350 jobs. The facility is used to print magazines and books. The company, which also owns The Evening Telegraph and Sunday Post newspapers, employs more than 2,000 people. [BBC News]

Publishing | Lori Henderson returns to the question of what led to the failure of the CMX manga imprint: "Its parent company, DC didn’t do anything to market that line. Putting a solicitation in Previews is not marketing. DC claimed they would bridge the manga and comic store gap, yet did nothing to help retailers or promote the books to bloggers, bookstores or librarians, their three strongest advocates. You can’t buy or recommend books you don’t know about. While there were other factors that contributed to its ultimate end, the mishandling of the imprint in its first year, and then being completely ignored for the rest was the main factor in its lack of sales." [Manga Xanadu]

Retailing | Retailer Frank Mangiaracina argues that early delivery of comics to the direct market won't work: "Here in Kansas City, from roughly 1993 to 1999, all shops enjoyed Tuesday delivery for Wednesday on sale. Most shops started selling the books on Tuesday regardless. A 'secret shopper' service like Diamond is proposing is unlikely to work as unscrupulous retailers would simply just sell to people they know (i.e. subscribers)." [ICv2.com]

Creators | The Japan Basketball Association will honor Slam Dunk creator Takehiko Inoue with a special commendation for his contribution to the growing popularity of the sport in Japan, and for the establishment of the Slam Dunk Scholarship for high-school athletes. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Douglas Wolk chats briefly with Jason Aaron. [Techland]

Creators | Kate Beaton talks about humor, self-publishing, making a living from comics and being a celebrity: "Well, most of the time, I work at an office or in my house, and people don’t know who I am. The only time they know who I am is at comic shows. And that can get a little overwhelming. TCAF was intense, but they’re all like that. You’d like to have the time to talk to all the people that come to you, but you can’t. I’m not used to the crowds of people, and so I get overwhelmed, and lose it a bit toward the end. Not it a bad way, but it’s too much attention, too many drawings. And then you feel kind of like a jerk because, you know, people have come to see you, and you’re just like, 'I’ve got to go outside or something, I need a break'." [Torontoist]

Creators | Writer Neil Kleid is profiled by his local newspaper. [NorthJersey.com]

Creators | Matt Price marks the birthday of George Perez by counting down his Top 10 comic-book runs, from The New Teen Titans to The Infinity Gauntlet. [Nerdage]

Crime | Two people stole the life-size fiberglass-and-foam statue of Spider-Man from outside The Time Capsule comics store in Seekonk, Massachusetts. One suspect reportedly distracted the store manager on May 30 while the other unhooked the bungee cord that attached Spider-Man to the shop's sign. The statue, which is worth between $300 and $400, has been replaced by with one of Freddy Krueger. [The Sun Chronicle]

Comics | Dean Blumberg examines ecological issues in Alan Moore and Steve Bissette's first arc of Saga of the Swamp Thing: Part 1, Part 2. [PopMatters]

Comics | Matthew Brady discovers 10 things he didn't know about Wonder Woman. [Warren Peace Sings the Blues]

Comics | T.J. Dietsch looks at the "12 Coolest Personfications of Death," including Jack Kirby's Death Racer, Judge Death and, of course, Death of the Endless. [Topless Robot]

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