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Retailing | Responding to a shrinking retail market for music, the Texas-based entertainment-media chain Hastings will begin selling Diamond-distributed comic books in 127 of its 147 stores. Hastings operates stores in medium-sized markets in 20 states, selling new and used books, electronics, DVDs, video games -- and, now, monthly comics.

As we noted in March, the company reported "strong results" from a tested comics expansion in two stores in 2009, and planned to expand further into another 20 existing locations by the second quarter of this year. Now, company executive James Parker tells Rich Johnston, the retailer is moving forward with two expansion models, with 27 locations sporting 32 feet of new releases, 32 feet of back issues, and 44 feet of manga and graphic novels. One hundred outlets will feature a small expansion, with 16 linear feet of each. As Johnston points out, it appears that Hastings is "about to become the largest buyer of monthly comics in America." He has reactions from a handful of direct-market retailers. [Bleeding Cool]

Passings | Adrienne Colan, the 67-year-old wife of artist Gene Colan, was found dead Monday in the home she and her husband once shared. The cause of death hasn't been determined.  The couple had been separated since April, when a physical altercation left the 83-year-old artist hospitalized with a broken shoulder. Adrienne Colan pleaded guilty in May to the assault. Gene Colan's longtime friend Clifford Meth reports that, "All things considered, he is holding up well." [Mark Evanier, Clifford Meth]

Conventions | Tom Spurgeon reminds us that there are only 30 days until Comic-Con International. [The Comics Reporter]

Retailing | Brian Heater visits Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Retailing | Jennifer de Guzman wonders why girls and women continue to have bad experiences in comic stores: "As I commented to Hope Larson in regards to her surveys results about what both publishers and stores can do to be more welcoming to female comics readers—it is still happening because many in the comics industry seem not to think that these readers are worth effort. Comics have thrived, in their own way, on being insular and appealing to a closed circle of fans. Comics isn't just a medium for many people—it is a community. And, unfortunately, a community whose largest faction is very much a clique." [Publishers Weekly]

Webcomics | Cartoonist Jonathan Rosenberg, creator of the long-running Goats, has launched a daily gag comic Scenes From A Multiverse. [Storming the Tower]

Creators | Eric Garrison continues his multi-part interview with Unknown Soldier writer Johsua Dysart. [The Unseen Eye]

Creators | Dominic Messier chats briefly with Rex Mundi writer Arvid Nelson. [Suite101.com]

Creators | Writer and webcomics commentator Mike Perridge posts his rejected Zuda submission. [mpd57]

Creators | Johanna Draper Carlson explains why she won't donate to Kickstarter projects: "I’d rather see a creator learn to think like an entrepreneur. Put together a business plan and get dedicated loans and funding. I know Kickstarter, which seems like free money, seems a lot easier, without putting you on the hook in any way, but ultimately, I think it’s better in the long run for creators to understand how to run their own small business. If they get the money in advance, what’s the impetus to keep going? If you’re not willing to risk your own money and fund your own startup, why should I? If you believe in it, you take the risk." [Comics Worth Reading]

Comics | Nick Nadel lists seven comic (and comic movie) vampires "that don't suck." [FilmCritic.com]

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