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Conventions | A survey commissioned by the San Diego Convention Center Corp. reveals that Comic-Con International's 130,000 or so attendees pour a whopping $163 million into the local economy -- quadruple what was previously thought. Surprisingly, this is the first official estimate of the event's financial impact. But as impressive as that figure is, convention center officials point out it doesn't take into account the money spent by the roughly 50 percent of con-goers who don't stay in hotels.

The survey's results were disclosed just as Comic-Con organizers are set to decide whether to remain in San Diego, or move to Anaheim or Los Angeles, after their contract expires in 2012 with the convention center. [The San Diego Union-Tribune]

Conventions | The founder of SuicideGirls claims the website is banned from "having a significant presence" at Comic-Con, supposedly because adult-only SuicideGirls DVDs were purchased at WonderCon without the seller checking IDs. However, Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer insists the group isn't banned. "My understanding is that SuicideGirls didn't have a booth and there is a 400+ waiting list," he said. [LA Weekly]

Publishing | There's been much debate this week whether DC Comics is, indeed, the first publisher "to announce a participation plan for talent" for digital sales. Heidi MacDonald reports that on Monday, just two days before DC revealed its entry into digital distribution and the accompanying royalty program, Marvel sent a letter to its exclusive talent announcing an incentive plan. [The Beat]

Publishing | Hermes Press will collect comics based on Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon published in the late 1940s and early 1950s by Harvey Comics and Dell Comics. The first volume will debut in summer 2011. [ICv2.com]

Retailing | Torpedo Comics, the online comics store launched in 2007 by System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan, is auctioning its inventory and domain name to pay creditors. [The Beat]

Retailing | Canada's Strange Adventures, which already has stores in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Fredericton, New Brunswick, has opened a third location in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. [Halifax News Net]

Creators | Mike Mignola discusses the Hellboy universe and his plans to return to drawing the character he created: "I really enjoy collaborating, so it’s been very easy to spend years without drawing my own comics. But I don’t want to be just a writer; I want to get back to drawing the comic. And this place we are with Hellboy, wrapping up the storyline, is the natural place for me to step back in, although I’ll continue to co-write everything else. I’ve known for years what this next period of Hellboy will be. It will be a brand new chapter. The Storm will be an ending of everything we’ve read about Hellboy up until now. It’s going to be a clean slate when I jump in." [The List]

Creators | Artist Michael Lark about The Amazing Spider-Man, superhero movies, and which is harder to draw -- New York cityscapes or the webs on Spider-Man's costume: " I’ve gotten to the point where I try to avoid drawing those cityscapes as much as possible. I’ll draw a foreground building or two, but for a big cityscape, I’ll just manipulate a photo. It’s really just a pattern. It’s something that’s so much more accurately done with something mechanical than it is by hand. So, yeah, those webs are a pain, because they have to follow the contours of his body accurately. It’s tough to do." [D Magazine]

Creators | Ian Burns wraps ups his three-part interview with Air writer G. Willow Wilson. [TCJ.com]

Creators | Johanna Draper Carlson has rethought her earlier stance on not supporting creators' Kickstarter projects. [Comics Worth Reading]

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