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Publishing | The manga series Battle Angel Alita: Last Order has gone on indefinite hiatus after creator Yukito Kishiro was asked to make three dialogue changes for a reprint of the original series. Kishiro, who was working on the 100th installment of Last Order and the accompanying cover for Ultra Jump magazine, reportedly asked the editor if he realized the changes, which specifically targeted words associated with schizophrenia, would lead to a missed deadline and his refusal to permit further reprints. The editor said yes. Kishiro made the revisions and met the deadline, but has placed Last Order on hiatus. He wrote on his blog that he doesn't know whether there will be a 101st installment. Battle Angel Alita and Last Order are published in North America by Viz Media. [Eastern Standard, via Anime News Network]

Crime | A Monday morning fire at Heroes and Dreams comics store in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is being investigated as arson. No one was injured, but comics and other merchandise were damaged from heavy soot. [Kenosha News]

Crime | Police in Manhattan and Queens are looking for, well, Catwoman. A "serial stickup artist" wearing a cat mask reportedly robbed shoe and beauty stores in the two burroughs. My money is on Sean Young. [New York Post]

Legal | Controversial attorney Marc Toberoff, who represents the families of Superman's co-creators, has hired Los Angeles lawyer Richard Kendall to defend him in Warner Bros.' high-profile lawsuit. [THR, Esq.]

Creators | Michael Cavna wonders whether the Washington, D.C., area is poised to become a "comics town." [Comic Riffs]

Creators | Collaborators J.K. MacLeod and Javier Palomino discuss Boomtown, their graphic-novel parody of Calgary. [Calgary Herald]

Comics | With Wonder Woman #600 hitting stores this week, Douglas Wolk looks at some of the character's milestone issues through the decades. [Techland]

Comics | David Brothers considers bad writing and art: "A comic with bad art or bad writing is like watching a wonderfully cast movie with excellent dialogue, but with sound editing done by a three year old. It doesn’t work, it’s clashing and ugly, and there’s no reason to put up with it." [4thletter!]

Comics | T.J. Dietsch counts down the 12 "most gimmick-y" covers of the 1990s. [Topless Robot]

Reviews | Rob Siebert on Batwoman: Elegy; Jason Kerouac on Maus: A Survivor's Tale, Book 1; Oliver Ho on King of the Flies; and JoBlo.com contributors on an assortment of titles.

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