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Publishing | IDW Publishing has promoted Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall to the new position of chief creative officer, expanding his duties to encompass the company's efforts across all platforms. Ryall, who joined IDW in 2004 from Kevin Smith's Movie Poop Shoot website, will remain as editor-in-chief. [press release]

Publishing | In not-exactly-unexpected news, Dark Horse will move its online anthology Dark Horse Presents from MySpace to the publisher's website. DHP originally appeared in print from 1986 to 2000, and was relaunched in digital form at MySpace in August 2007. [Newsarama]

Publishing | John Jackson Miller analyzes direct-market sales figures for May, which saw graphic novel sales slip 15 percent from the previous year: "My suspicion continues to be that orders for bigger-ticket items have been more likely to be impacted by the general recession; retailers are letting trade paperback inventories fall a bit, even in months in which they’re ordering more comic books (even given the price increases)." [The Comichron]

Publishing | Kai-Ming Cha offers a brief overview of recent developments in the battle between manga publishers and scanlation websites. [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | Chris Sims wonders whether Marvel is trying out "digital second printings" as a way to release recent comics on the Apple iPad (presumably without making waves with direct-market retailers). [Comics Alliance]

Publishing | Mumbai-based publisher Vimanika Comics is profiled. [CNNGo.com]

Conventions | Anime Expo, which kicks off today at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will remain in the city through 2013. The four-day event is expected to attract 100,000 attendees and bring about $24 million in revenue to the city. Deb Aoki has a rundown of this weekend's highlights. [Money & Company]

Conventions | Susan Karlin briefly profiles Comic-Con President John Rogers, who oversees a $7 million budget, and a staff of 20 full-time employees and 3,000 volunteers -- plus sibling events WonderCon and Alternative Press Expo. [IEEE Spectrum, via Journalista]

Retailing | Julie Shapiro spotlights New York City's Midtown Comics as it prepares to open a new location on Fulton Street. [DNAinfo.com]

Creators | Douglas Wolk talks with J.H. Williams III about the upcoming Batwoman monthly series: "The first arc is very much a horror story, and then the second is an espionage/intrigue sort of thing, and after that sort of a fantasy epic for the third, and initial plans for the fourth are more along the lines of a family drama." [Techland]

Creators | Tucker Stone profiles artist Cliff Chiang: "When I started, I felt like everything had gotten so precious, art-wise. I wanted to make marks, these really fat brush lines. To force people to see that what I was doing was also drawing. It doesn't have to look like Todd McFarlane. I ended up getting a lot of jobs that were Golden Age or period pieces. Since then, I've seen things move in that direction. Michael Lark started working in brush, and Darwyn was doing his stuff, and then it felt like there was this whole movement of people doing this classic, noir-ish visual style. And they were so good at it, it made me feel like I needed to change. That's why you see a shift in the Human Target stuff, I think it's in issue fourteen, the one with the boy-band priest. It was a reaction to people doing better work in an area that I'd gotten comfortable in. So I picked up and tried to do something else." [comiXology]

Creators | Graeme McMillan interviews Dan Goldman about his web series Red Light Properties. [Techland]

Creators | Paul Levitz chats about Adventure Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes and Superman/Batman. [iFanboy]

Comics | Dave Carter and Heidi MacDonald run down Wonder Woman's many costumes over the decades. [Yet Another Comics Blog, The Beat]

Reviews | Techland contributors on Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1; Brian Hibbs on an assortment of new releases; Michael Dirda on Wilson; Ryan Jent on Batwoman: Elegy; Tom Speelman on Chew, Vol.; and Kirk Warren on a handful of new releases.

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