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Conventions | With Comic-Con International just two weeks away, Lori Weisberg wades into the perennial problems with Travel Planners and the mad grab for hotel rooms. Whereas last year complaints centered on the interminable online wait for reservations, the problem this year is that, under the revised system, many attendees didn't get a single one of their hotel choices. To try to accommodate con-goers who find themselves staying in Mission Valley or Shelter Island, organizers last month added additional shuttles. For those attendees feeling a bit prickly after the 30- to 60-minute ride to the San Diego Convention Center, there may be some good news: Travel Planners representatives will be on hand, “with targets on our backs,” to provide assistance. [The San Diego Union-Tribune]

Crime | Following yesterday's news that charges have been filed in the May murder of writer Stephen Perry, his friend Steve Bissette sifts through media reports and offers his own theories about what might have led to the gruesome crime. [SRBissette.com]

Digital comics | Graphic.ly, which already offered comics apps for Windows and also using Adobe Air technology, has officially launched its reader for Windows 7. [VentureBeat]

Publishing | Deb Aoki takes a closer look at the new licenses announced at Anime Expo by Digital Manga Publishing. [About.com]

Creators | Jason Heller chats at length with Jim Woodring about Weathercraft, the documentary The Lobster And The Liver, his stint in the '80s with animation company Ruby-Spears, where he worked alongside Jack Kirby and others: "I don’t think I ever saw him outside of office hours. I went to his house once, but I never really socialized with him. Some of us from the office did have sort of a skiffle band, and he participated in that a few times, and when my son was born, he brought in a gift for him. We had a cordial, professional relationship, but it didn’t go beyond that. [Comics veteran] Gil Kane worked there, too, and we became real good friends. I think everybody who knew Gil Kane thought they were his best friend. He had that knack for making people feel that way." [The A.V. Club]

Creators | Gene Luen Yang talks about American Born Chinese, Prime Baby, The Eternal Smile, stereotypes and the divisiveness of William Hung: "He’s a stereotypical Asian guy trying to be the American Idol. And just as we find monkeys in tuxedos funny because monkeys don’t belong in tuxedos, maybe we find this stereotypical Asian guy funny because Asians don’t belong on American Idol. I don’t feel like there’s a solid interpretation, but I do think that’s worth exploring." [The Millions]

Creators | Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro chats about syndication, his work process and more. [Tulsa World]

Creators | In a preview of Comic-Con, Nicky Loomis briefly profiles artist Jim Mahfood. [Hero Complex]

Comics | Ben Morse recommends essential Daredevil stories, from "Badlands" to "Guardian Devil" to ... the movie. Alas, nothing from Ann Nocenti's tenure. [The Cool Kids Table]

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