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Retailing | Heidi MacDonald confirms rumors that well-regarded Brooklyn retailer Rocketship, the setting for numerous signings, release parties and art shows, has closed after five years. “We’ve come to the end of a five-year lease, and are deciding what to do now," said co-owner Alex Cox. "Five years went by fast, and my partner and I are suddenly making some large life decisions about what comes next. We love the shop, and as fun as it is, we have to figure out what makes sense for us on a practical level." [The Beat]

Pop culture | KRCW-Santa Monica (89.9 FM) will rebroadcast the 1991 radio production of American Splendor, starring Dan Castellaneta, from 7:30 to 8 p.m. PST today. This broadcast will appear on air and via KCRW.com live stream only, and will not be available on demand or via podcast. [KCRW.com]

Legal | The Wall Street Journal's Tomomichi Amano looks at efforts by a newly formed coalition of Japanese and American manga publishers to crack down on U.S.-based scanlation websites. "People might say it’s like whack-a-mole," says Vertical Inc.'s Ioannis Mentzas, "but we think even making one (legal) case will greatly change the situation." [Japan Real Time]

Publishing | Dark Horse will release a printed collection of Axe Cop, the Internet sensation created by brothers Malachai (5) and Ethan (29) Nicolle, in December, followed by an all-new three-issue miniseries. [Comics Alliance]

Publishing | IDW Publishing has hired Dirk Wood, former director of communications for Dark Horse, as the company's first director-retail marketing. In-house marketing manager AnnaMaria White has been promoted to director-marketing and public relations. [press release]

Creators | The A.V. Club contributors offer a primer on Neil Gaiman that includes a rundown of such comics works as The Sandman, Miracleman, Marvel 1602 and Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? [The A.V. Club]

Creators | Chew artist Rob Guillory talks briefly about the comic's steadily growing audience: "We believed in the book, but we didn't think people would connect with something that isn't generally successful in comics. But it's been way more successful and it's had more appeal than we expected." [The Daily Advertiser]

Comics | OC Weekly's Joe Vince names six "criminally underrated" crime comics from the past decade, from The Couriers to Gotham Central to The Left Bank Gang. [Heard Mentality]

Comics | Thor walks across America. [Comics Oughta Be Fun]

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