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Retailing | About a week after laying off 100 people in its Tennessee distribution center, Borders Group has cut an unspecified number of jobs from its corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company laid off 88 corporate workers in January following disappointing holiday sales. [AnnArbor.com]

Legal | Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and state broadcaster Sveriges Television have been reported to the police for publishing "child porn" in the form cartoons. According to a news report, the illustrations (identified as manga) depict "two men having sex in the background, and one of an obviously under-age girl exposing herself to an older man who becomes so turned on that he suffers a nose bleed." [The Local]

Legal | Robin Brenner attempts to put a recurring argument to rest by explaining why scanlation websites are not like libraries. [About.com]

Digital comics | Henry Hanks looks at the impact of Apple's iPad on digital comics: "However, despite what may seem like a rush to exploit this new platform, the major publishers are still in the early stages, experimenting with what works and what doesn't. One major reason for this: the necessity to work with comic book retailers, who might reasonably be nervous as to how all of this might affect sales, especially considering that the prices for downloads are comparable (and at times cheaper) than the comic books themselves." [CNN.com]

Creators | With the premiere this week of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, eyes turn to cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley. [Eye Weekly, London Free Press]

Creators | Marv Wolfman explains how writing for video games is similar to writing for comics. [MarvWolfman.com, via io9.com]

Creators | Jane Wiedlin discusses collaborating with Bill Morrison on Lady Robotika: "I was nervous at first because I'd never written a comic; In fact, I hadn't even read very many comics, but when I dove in and started writing, I found it felt very natural. It came from the same place in my brain/soul as writing songs. In fact, now it all makes sense to me, since songs are basically 3 minute short stories, and comics are illustrated short stories. ... So, I find the act of creating absolutely thrilling. Besides that, holding the first issue in my hands for the first time made me cry, I was so happy! I find it very rewarding to think of an idea, work on that idea through fruition, then hold the finished product. I'm kinda simple that way!" [ChicagoPride.com]

Creators | Writer Mike Raicht talks about his comic series The Stuff of Legend. [The Post-Standard]

Creators | Doris Danger creator Chris Wisnia chats about Tabloia Weekly Magazine, art history and his new project. [Sacramento News & Review]

Comics | DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio talks about the Man of Steel's visit to Detroit in this week's Superman #702. [Detroit Free Press]

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