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NYCC | Blogger Deb Aoki rounds up the biggest manga news, and best quotes, from New York Comic Con. [About.com]

NYCC | "Pop Candy" blogger Whitney Matheson also has a roundup, of mostly movie- and TV-related tidbits. [USA Today]

Conventions | Paul Gravett reports briefly from Angoulême. [The Guardian]

Creators | Best wishes for a speedy recover to former DC Comics editor K.C. Carlson. [Comics Worth Reading]

Pop culture | The Chicago Tribune compares White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel to ROM: Spaceknight -- in a three-quarter-page feature. [Phoning It In]

Blogosphere | Blogger Kirk Warren gets fancy with his best-of-2008 overview by transforming it into a 26-page downloadable magazine. [The Weekly Crisis]

Creators | Cartoonist Norm Feuti discusses his syndicated comic strip Retail and his webcomic Gill. [Comix 411]

Hollywood calling | Nigel Andrews considers the movie industry's comics fixation: "... I wonder if the cinema’s obsession with comic books (apart from their earning power at the box office) does not come from some yearning to un-invent the wheel. Guilty about the perceptual fraud practised on the viewer, the filmmaker longs to revert to the chaste integrity of still frames in sequence." [Financial Times]

Retailers | Brave New World Comics in Newhall, Calif., plays host to Geek Singles Night. [Los Angeles Daily News]

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