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Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes

by  in Comic News Comment
Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes

A power outage prevented me from posting yesterday’s edition, so let’s try this again.

Publishing | Uh-oh. Brace yourselves for another round of “Batwoman! She’s a smokin’-hot lesbian!” articles in the mainstream press. It’s been nearly three years, so I guess we’re due? [Telegraph, Daily Mail]

Publishing | Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton’s “people” allegedly had a hand in one of the two cover changes for Bluewater Productions’ Female Force: Hillary Clinton. According to Publisher Darren Davis, the company “heard through her people” that Clinton didn’t care for the image that depicted her, in the words of Roll Call, with “a chunky hourglass figure.” [Roll Call, via The Raw Story]

Creators | Writers G. Willow Wilson and Peter Milligan discuss Milligan’s newly announced Vertigo title Greek Street, the draw of comics, and a serious lack of “juicy gossip” from the time of his X-Statix run: “Apart from Axel Alonso’s predilection for split-crotch panties, I’m not sure I have anything for you. There was never what you might call head-butting with the editors, but I was disappointed with the people higher in the food chain when the uproar about the Princess Diana story broke, and we had to fuck around with it. I thought, you Americans had a revolution so you didn’t have to worry about what our insane and largely inbred bunch of Royals thought. And here you are genuflecting like crazy because they and some of their subjects are pissed off  about a comic book.” (The above Greek Street promotional art is from Davide Gianfelice’s blog.) [Standard Attrition]

Creators | Cartoonist Howard Cruse recalls Barefootz, Gay Comix, and the inspiration for Stuck Rubber Baby. [Bookslut]

History | Blogger Rich Vining talks to The Ten-Cent Plague author David Hajdu about Frederic Wertham, the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency, and the backlash against comic books in the 1940s and ’50s. “One of the reasons I care about the debate over comics is that I care about comics,” Hajdu says. “The debate over comics was a debate over not only moral values, but aesthetic values. The clampdown on comics, which resulted in the demise of EC, is tragic because it destroyed something of value.” [Cable & Tweed]

Creators | Blogger Don MacPherson thinks Todd McFarlane has run out of ideas. As evidence, he points to the newly announced Haunt, a collaboration with Robert Kirkman: “Best known for his work on Spider-Man and Spawn, it seems McFarlane’s out to prove he’s a two-trick pony, and now he’s just mashed those two tricks together.” [Eye on Comics]

Art | NY1 has a report on The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art‘s new exhibit “The Art of Harvey Comics,” which runs through April 18. [NY1]

NYCC | A gallery of cosplayers from last weekend’s convention. [Anime Vice]

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