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Awards | Online voting is open now through March 26 for the Hall of Fame category of the Will Eisner Industry Awards. The list of nominees can be found here. [Comic-Con International]

Publishing | I don't typically link to reviews, but I enjoyed reading Douglas Wolk's thoughts on Batman #686, particularly for this bit about the DC Universe's weird drift back in time: "... Now the DCU has an official mandate that Green Lantern is really Hal, that the Flash is really Barry, that the Legion is really the Levitz-era Legion. No threat of change can be effective any more; the gravitational force of How It Was in '83 is impossible to escape, and growing stronger all the time. Any change, any breakup, any death, any exploded planet will revert to its early-'80s form sooner rather than later. Superman says "pray for a resurrection"; we know one's coming--the only question is when. It seems like some kind of backfiring corporate-psyche-repression that DC's most interesting villain of the moment is literally a furious, bitter fanboy who wants everything to go back to the way it was when he was reading DC superhero comics in the mid-'80s." [The Savage Critics]

Publishing | Tucker Stone tries to figure out DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint: "Wildstorm, despite the rough go it's had with direct market sales over the last two years, is an imprint that has the support of DC behind it, a support that seems likely to guarantee it placement in the Diamond distribution system whereas other companies may struggle. That fact alone makes it a company that has an opportunity few others do: they can publish off-the-beaten path titles for creators who might otherwise not be able to make it to comic stores, and apparently, they can do it in a way that makes the prospect viable to a comic's creator in a way that Image (anecdotally) does not." [ComiXology]

Creators | Writers G. Willow Wilson and Brian Wood chat about their Vertigo series Air and DMZ, the snark of the blogosphere, their process and more. [Newsarama]

Creators | Writer Mike Carey talks about influences, his approach to writing corporate-owned characters, and his newly announced title The Unwritten. [Comics Waiting Room]

Creators | Cartoonist Evan Dorkin shares a couple of pages from a failed mid-'90s tryout for Vertigo's Animal Man. [Dorkin's blog]

Awards | Emiko Superstar, by Mariko Tamaki and Steve Rolston, and Rapunzel's Revenge, by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and Nathan Hale, won honors in the graphic-novel category of The Cybils, the children's and young-adult bloggers' littery awards. [The Cybils]

Awards | Webcomicgeek has announced the winners of its Webcomic of the Year survey, which include High Moon as the best of 2008. [Webcomicgeek]

Blogosphere | The excellent blog The Daily Cross Hatch is looking for contributors. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

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