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Crime | David Pirkola, owner of Apparitions Comics and Books in Kentwood, Mich., testified yesterday in the trial of Jevon Sawyer, who is charged with shooting him during a robbery of the store in April. One of Sawyer's alleged accomplices, James Muriel-Neal Thompson, also testified as part of a plea agreement. Another alleged accomplice, Marvin Michael-Marquis Jones, is set to stand trial on March 2. [Grand Rapids Press]

Conventions | The Toronto Comic Arts Festival has updated the guest list for the May 9-10 event to include Ho Che Anderson, Kate Beaton, Tom Fowler, Cameron Stewart, J. Bone and others. A gallery show of Tara McPherson's work also has been announced. [Christopher Butcher]

Publishing | Comic book-turned-short-lived-TV series The Middleman will receive the finale ABC Family didn't give it ... in graphic-novel form. Series creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Hans Beimler will write The Middleman: The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse, with illustrations by Armando M. Zanker and layouts by original comic artist Les McClaine. The graphic novel will be released in July during Comic-Con International. [TV Guide]

Fandom | Ben Morse considers which superhero sidekicks deserves to "graduate" to the mentor role, and which ones don't. (Spoiler: Tempest totally deserves to be Aquaman!) [The Cool Kids Table]

Creators | Writer/editor Jason Thompson has launched a blog for King of RPGs, his recently announced shonen drama due out in December from Del Rey. [King of RPGs]

Creators | Cartoonist Hope Larson offers two tips to comics students about the nature of the Internet and the industry. [Hope Larson]

Creators | Cartoonist Mike Lynch shows us his shelf porn. [Mike Lynch]

Creators | Marc J. Fletcher names "Ten comic-book creators to watch out for." [Den of Geek]

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