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Webcomics | User Friendly creator J.D. Frazer has issued an apology and removed several installments of his comic  after commenters at MetaFilter called him out for swiping their remarks and using them as punchlines.

"These cartoons have punch-lines derived or directly taken from comments posted on the weblog MetaFilter," Frazer wrote Monday on his website. "I used them unthinkingly without attribution. [...] Since I offered no attribution or asked for permission, over the last couple of years I've infringed on the expression of ideas of some (who I think are) clever people. Plagiarized. My hypocrisy seems to know no bounds, as an infamous gunman was once heard saying." [via Xaviar Xerexes and Dirk Deppey]

Conventions | Exhibitor tables are sold out for the June 6-7 Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival. [MoCCA]

Creators | Essex County's Jeff Lemire has joined Standard Attrition, the group blog and message board of fellow Vertigo creators Jason Aaron, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Jock, Dave Lapham, Peter Milligan, G. Willow Wilson and Brian Wood. Lemire's new graphic novel The Nobody will be released in July by Vertigo. [Standard Attrition]

Creators | Papercutz has launched a creators blog, which will feature contributions by Scott Lobdell, Jim Salicrup, Sarah Kinney, Stefan Petrucha Paulo Henrique, Greg Farshtey and others. [Papercutz]

Creators | Dave Banks talks with writer Mark Andrew Smith about his upcoming Image Comics book The New Brighton Archeological Society. [GeekDad]

Blogosphere | Forbidden Planet International's Blog Log marks its fourth anniversary. [Forbidden Planet]

Publishing | I'm not sure that DC's "Battle for the Cowl" event actually requires a reader's guide, but the folks at IGN have one for you. [IGN.com]

Publishing | Jubilee, Marvel's attempt to create a Kitty Pryde for the '90s, turns 20 in May. My, how they grow up fast. [ComicBook.com]

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