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Sales charts | The 20-year-old collection of Watchmen maintains its hold on bookstores, hovering at No. 10 on USA Today's bestseller list for the second week in a row, and sitting atop BookScan's Top 20 Graphic Novels chart for the eighth month in a row.

Meanwhile, there's a flood of Naruto on the USA Today list as Viz Media releases a second wave of Masashi Kishimoto’s hit manga just as the first wave subsides. Vol. 38 debuts at No. 120, Vol. 40 at No. 126 and Vol. 39 at No. 131, just as first-wave volumes 37 and 36 slip to Nos. 141 and 150, respectively.

On the BookScan chart, Naruto holds slots 2 through 5, 9 and 11. [USA Today, ICv2.com]

Creators | Image Comics creators Paul Azaceta, Ivan Brandon, Joe Kelly and Michael Avon Oeming will appear Sunday on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice to help contestants create and costume a superhero. [ICv2.com, TransWorldNews]

Creators | John Porcellino talks about King-Cat Comics and Stories, Thoreau at Walden, and the genius of Hank Williams. [The Walrus]

Creators | Paul Maybury discusses his ACT-I-VATE webcomic Party Bear. [Dick Hyacinth]

Publishing | Warren Ellis updates us on the status of Planetary#27. Sort of: "As fas as I know, John’s still working on the art." [Warren Ellis]

Conventions | A guide to Saturday's STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo. [Decider Austin]

Blogosphere | A new, high-concept comics blog has launched. Dateline: Silver Age is dedicated to the often-bizarre newspaper headlines that appeared in comics from 1956 to 1971 or so. [Dateline: Silver Age]

Retailers | NBC's Los Angeles affiliate loves local shops Golden Apple Comics and Meltdown Comics & Collectibles. [NBC Los Angeles]

Arts and crafts | How to make a comic-book gift tag. [Crafting A Green World]

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