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Passings | Rod Gilchrist, executive director of San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum for the past 11 years, died of brain cancer on Feb. 26. He was 58.  A public celebration of his life will be held at 7 p.m. March 20 at the museum. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Awards | Japan's Agency of Cultural Affairs has awarded Slam Dunk, Vagabond and Real creator Takehiko Inoue the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Art Encouragement Prize in the new category of Media Arts. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Christopher Borrelli has a lengthy profile of Lynda Barry, whom Ivan Brunetti describes as, "one of the most important cartoonists we have — however quietly people are recognizing it." [The Chicago Tribune]

Creators | Garfield creator Jim Davis is profiled, with attention given to his youth and early years as a cartoonist. [American Profile]

History | Writer Marv Wolfman posts a letter he, Julie Schwartz and Gil Kane received in 1984 from Jerry Siegel, thanking them for the story "If Superman Didn't Exist ..." in Action Comics#554. [Marv Wolfman]

Publishing | A roundtable of bloggers discusses The New York Times' new Graphic Books Bestsellers lists. [Good Comics For Kids]

Publishing | Fletcher Arnett recalls Marvel's 2002 miniseries Marville, Publisher Bill Jemas' ill-conceived entry in the "U-Decide" wager with Captain Marvel writer Peter David. [4thletter!]

Publishing | Why the Batman comics of today owe a lot to the campy '60s TV show. [ComicBook.com]

Events | Nicole Campos reports on Physical Nostalgia, an exhibit of Watchmen-inspired art at Meltdown Comics' Meltdown Gallery in Los Angeles. [LA Weekly]

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