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Industry | The announcement of an international advisory board seems to signal a new push by Marvel Entertainment into the global market, with a focus on China and India. There's no specific mention of comics, though. [Reuters, press release]

Publishing | Beacon Press, the publishing arm of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, is launching a line of nonfiction graphic novels, with cartoonist Alison Bechdel serving as consultant. The company also plans a graphic-novel adaptation of Octavia Butler's award-winning novel Kindred. [PW Comics Week]

Creators | Legendary EC Comics creator and MAD Magazine editor Al Feldstein is in poor health after blacking out last month on his rach. After being hospitalized, it was discovered the 84-year-old Feldstein will require open-heart surgery. [The MAD Blog]

Creators | Our condolences to Neil Gaiman, whose father passed away. [Neil Gaiman]

Creators | FreakAngels artist Paul Duffield, who won Tokyopop's first UK Rising Stars of Manga competition, has advice for new creators looking to get their start at the publisher: "To be honest, I'd tell them to stay away for now. It's best to get things straight about Tokyopop, they're a company with an identity crisis. They have a team of editors who are enthusiastic, dedicated, understanding and great to work with. However the marketing and directing side of their business (which is the side that tells the editors what to do, and the side that decides which projects get published and which get dropped) is a shambles." [Manga Punk]

Creators | Artist Dave McKean talks about his work and his collaborations with Neil Gaiman. There's also an extensive gallery of McKean's art. [Seven Impossible Things, via Bookslut]

Crime | A Tawainese man arrested Monday on charges of killing his landord with a hammer and a machete, and then tracking down and injuring the landlord's wife and son, is blaming the manga Battle Angel Alita for his actions. [Anime News Network]

Fandom | A takedown of homophobia in "geek culture." [Stuff Geeks Love]

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