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Sales charts | Riding the wave of last weekend's movie opening, Watchmen climbs eight spots to No. 2 on USA Today's bestseller list. The collection of the 1986 miniseries by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons also holds onto the top spot at Amazon.com.

Further down the USA Today chart, the 40th volume of Masashi Kishimoto's leaps 84 places to No. 42, followed by Vols. 38 and 39 at Nos. 50 and 51, respectively. The 26th volume of Tite Kubo's Bleach, meanwhile, debuts at No. 141. [USA Today, Amazon.com]

Legal | Lawyers for retailer Michael George, whose conviction last year in the 1990 murder of his wife was set aside by a judge, say his health is worsening as he waits in the Macomb County, Mich., jail for a second trial. The 48-year-old George has lost 50 pounds since his conviction in March 2008. [Detroit Free Press]

Creators | Writer-artist Ken Steacy discusses his career and the comics industry. [Martlet]

Creators | Percy Carey recounts meeting legendary creator Jerry Robinson at the "ZAP! POW! BAM!: The Golden Age of Comic Books (1938-1950)" exhibit at Los Angeles' Skirball Cultural Center. [Complex.com]

Creators | Inker Doug Hazlewood is profiled. [MyFoxHouston]

Publishing | A Yaoi Press cover apparently stirs a minor controversy ... over its use of word balloons. [Yaoi Press, via Brigid Alverson]

Comics | Kristy Valenti revisits Evan Dorkin's Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic Book. [ComiXology]

Publishing | Former Wizard staff writer Ben Morse recalls the fate of his "Infinite Crisis Director's Commentary" article. [The Cool Kids Table]

Art | Steve Duin previews the "Faster Than A Speeding Bullet: The Art of the Superhero" exhibit opening in September at the University of Oregon's Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. [The Oregonian]

Process | Atomic Robo writer Brian Clevinger explains how to write a comic-book script. [Atomic-Robo.com]

Process | Writer B. Clay Moore shares an unused script and several character designs. [Moore's blog]

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