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Publishing | Yen Press has confirmed the release dates for volumes 6-8 of Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba&!, the popular comedy series previously published by ADV Manga: Vol. 6, September; Vol. 7, December; Vol. 8, April 2010. Yen Press announced at New York Comic Con that it had acquired the license to the offbeat manga. [Yen Press, Anime News Network]

Creators | Laura Hudson talks to Grant Morrison about Final Crisis, "Batman R.I.P," event comics, and the high expectations of fandom: "A lot of artists are naturally wary of fan pressure and the excessive criticism that come with a higher profile, so they put their all into a project, knowing that if they do less than the best they’re capable of, 50 jeering bastards on the Internet will turn up to personally insult them." [Comic Foundry, reposted from the Spring 2009 issue]

Creators | Wind up Alan Moore and watch him go (Part 27): "Much as I love the medium, I despise the industry. I've always despised it to a certain degree but after this last few years and all this nonsense with the films, I believe it to be a completely poisonous place that isn't really going anywhere. I did once feel I was part of a movement that wanted to change comics into something was valuable to culture, but I don't really feel that kinship in the way I used to." [The Guardian]

Publishing | Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief and publisher of IDW Publishing, discusses moving the company away from the horror niche, signing author Joe Hill, and his new series with Ben Templesmith Groom Lake. [The Cult]

Creators | Our own Chris Mautner posts the full interview he conducted with writer Ed Brubaker before the release of Incognito #1. [Panels and Pixels]

Creators | Time.com's Lev Grossman chats with annotator extraordinaire Jess Nevins. [Nerd World]

Publishing | Why isn't DC Comics promoting the return of Milestone Comics? [4thletter!]

Publishing | James Hunt traces the short history of the President Obama comic-book covers. [Den of Geek]

Best of 2008 | Tom Spurgeon breaks out his list, conveniently divided into categories. [The Comics Reporter]

Fandom | John Thomas goes shopping for manga in Osaka, Japan. [Mecha Mecha Media]

Fandom | The most interesting part of this awkward -- okay, awful -- article is the bit about the guy who returned to comics because of "Batman R.I.P." Take that, naysayers! [2theadvocate]

Comics | "The 10 Worst Comic Book Vacation Destinations." [Topless Robot]

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