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Creators | Citing "the vague and oft-used 'creative differences'," writer Sean McKeever has announced he's leaving DC Comics' Teen Titans with May's Issue 71. He will, however, write the title's Ravager back-up story that debuts in June. [The Comic Bloc Forums, Newsarama]

Sales charts | Watchmen slides three spots to No. 5 in its 35th week on USA Today's list of the Top 150 bestselling books. And while volumes 40, 39 and 38 of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto drop to Nos. 51, 71 and 84, respectively, Vol. 41 climbs eight places to the 55th spot.

And the sixth volume of Matsuri Hino’sVampire Knight debuts at No. 126. [USA Today]

Retailers | Matt Price files a brief report as the direct-market trade organization ComicsPRO kicks off its annual meeting in Memphis, Tenn. [Nerdage]

Manga | "Poor Knight," by Taiwanese artist Huang Chun-chan, has won the grand prize in Kodansha's third annual Morning International Manga Competition. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Matthew Badham posts the full transcript from his interview with writer Andy Diggle, which appeared in the February issue of Judge Dredd Magazine. [Citizen Badham, via Forbidden Planet International's blog]

Publishing | Tucker Stone delves into DC Comics' "After Watchmen, What Next?" campaign. [comiXology]

Comics | Mike Romo offers some suggestions for what to recommend after Watchmen. [iFanboy]

Retailers | Chris Pitzer pays a visit to Comic Envy in Asheville, N.C. [AdHouse Books Blog]

Comics | Conor Kilpatrick rattles off his list of "The Top 5 Underused/Misused DC Characters." [iFanboy]

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