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Awards | A blogger argues that two of the comics nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story aren't eligible for consideration because they were released, in part, in 2007. [LiveJournal]

Manga | Editors of Kodansha's Morning magazine were so disappointed by the quality of entries they received for the third annual International Manga Competition that they're changing the contest's name to "Morning International Comic Competition" in hopes of reducing the number of submissions that display a narrow view of "manga." [Deb Aoki]

Retailers | Over the weekend the direct-market trade organization ComicsPRO elected Joe Field, Brian Hibbs and Chris Powell to the open positions on its board of directors, which then chose officers: Field again as president; Powell as president pro-tempore; Amanda Emmert as corporate secretary/treasurer; and Carr D’Angelo as recording secretary. [Matt Price]

Manga | Tokyo Tribes creator Santa Inoue has announced he's launching a new manga in June called Dan Da Barbarian. [Anime News Network]

Cartoons | The New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff briefly chats about the magazine's relationship to cartooning: "The New Yorker is to cartooning what God is to religion. It didn't completely invent it, but it's the Holy Grail." [Boston Globe]

Creators | Writer Sterling Gates talks about Supergirl and getting his break in comics. [The Oklahoman]

Creators | Comics writer and novelist Greg Rucka discusses the latest book in his Atticus Kodiak, Walking Dead. [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Xaviar Xerexes interviews Soul Chaser Betty creator Brian Babendererde and Planet Saturday creator Monty Kane and wife-editor Kelli Stevens Kane. [Comixtalk, Comixtalk]

Comics | Colleen Mondor praises Garth Ennis and Russ Braun's war comic Battlefields: The Night Witches, and the female Russian pilots of World War II who inspired the story. [Chasing Ray]

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