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Creators | Writer Chuck Dixon discusses his time on DC Comics' Batman titles, and the double-edged sword known as the crossover: "Crossovers are the Frankenstein monster created when the direct market became the entire focus of the comics business. The first crossovers had phenomenal sales and the temptation was strong to do more. But they quickly became just anemic stunts designed to give sagging titles a sales boost. They gave up on trying to sell regular comics on a title-by-title, month-by-month basis and went for the easy-peasy marketing ploy of the crossover. Now superhero comics are pretty much all-stunts-all-the-time and the law of diminishing returns has set in." [Examiner.com]

Creators | Brian Heater wraps up his two-part interview with Nicholas Gurewitch. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Steve Duin profiles Paul Hornschemeier. [The Oregonian]

Creators | Writer John Layman chats about his new Image Comics series Chew. [Comics Waiting Room]

Comics | A U.K. newspaper catch wind of Bluewater's planned Female Force: Princess Diana comic. However, the paper names Diamond Comic Distributors as the publisher. [Daily Mail]

Art | Mike Mignola walks through the cover process for Witchfinder #4. [Dark Horse]

Art | Letterer Todd Klein talks about re-lettering Death: The High Cost of Living for Vertigo's Absolute Death hardcover. [Todd's Blog]

Blogosphere | One of my favorite comics bloggers, Rachelle Goguen, has moved Living Between Wednesdays and added contributors. Update your bookmarks accordingly. [Living Between Wednesdays]

Comics | This is the first time I've seen Wolverine: Origin referred to as a "classic." [Den of Geek]

Pop culture | The Los Angeles Times includes "the comics oeuvre of Judd Winick" in its list of The Real World's "greatest contributions to Western civilization." [Los Angeles Times]

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