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Publishing | Yen Press Publisher Kurt Hassler talks more about picking up the license for Azumanga Daioh. [Tiamat's Reviews]

Retailers | The direct-market trade organization ComicsPRO has appointed Eric Kirsammer of Chicago Comics to its board of directors. [ComicsPRO]

Creators | Rachelle Goguen interviews Jimmy Palmiotti about DC's Jonah Hex. [Living Between Wednesdays]

Creators | Nashville's alternative weekly profiles native son Jim McCann, writer of New Avengers: The Reunion. [Nashville Scene]

Publishing | Eric Rupe ponders the "corporate legacies" of Marvel and DC Comics: "The main reason why Marvel and DC never really try and do anything new is simply because they rarely succeed. Throughout the years, Marvel and DC have constantly pushed the idea that Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men, among others, are the only "important" comics and anything other than an already entrenched concept tends to fail in the long term. Given the fact that most new concepts tend not last more than a year or two, on average, it's not shocking that Marvel and DC don't go for them." [The Weekly Crisis]

Comics | Bully spotlights the "Next Issue" teasers from Marvel's late-'60s Avengers comics. [Bully Says]

Comics | "Tim Martin shows that comic books are not just for nerds." Gee, thanks, Tim! [Telegraph]

Art | Peter Sciretta previews The Jokers Wild: A Visual Exploration of the Clown Prince of Darkness, an exhibit that opens tonight at Brave New Worlds Comics in Philadelphia. [Slashfilm]

Pop culture | I mean, what's the deal with zombies? [Monsters & Critics]

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