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Awards | Deb Aoki lists some manga the Eisner Awards judges might have overlooked. Meanwhile, Noah Berlatsky and David Welsh ponder the relationship between manga and the awards. [About.com, The Hooded Utilitarian, Precocious Curmudgeon]

Webcomics | Theater Hopper has been removed from Google's index because of malicious code placed on the site by hackers. Creator Tom Brazelton has removed the code, and is trying to convince Google to reinstate his webcomic. [Comixtalk]

Webcomics | Matthew Braga covers the "Talking Webcomics" panel in Toronto. The discussion, sponsored by The Beguiling and the North York Central Library, featured such creators as Kate Beaton and Ryan North. [blogTO]

Publishing | In a review of Hannah Berry's Britten and Brülightly, Sarah Weinman considers the intersection of the comics medium and the crime genre: "It's not difficult to see why comics and crime suit each other well: brutal death invites a visceral response, and murder in pictures only amplifies that reaction further." [The Los Angeles Times]

Publishing | John Seavey has a few words for Marvel about its numbering system. [Fraggmented]

Conventions | Alex Carr files a report, with photos, from last weekend's Emerald City ComiCon. [Omnivoracious]

Creators | Artist Cameron Stewart answers 13 questions about his comics work. [Mindless Ones]

Creators | Creators Rob Guillory and John Layman have launched a blog in support of their new Image Comics series Chew. [Chew]

Comics | The top five character resurrections. [Examiner.com]

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