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Awards | These are shaping up to be the most-discussed Eisner Award nominations in a while, with much of the conversation centering on whether the judges "ignored" manga. Judge Andrew Wheeler wades into the debate as Brigid Alverson offers a defense of this year's committee: "I think the true fault lies in the voters, who are not as well read as the committee and vote accordingly, and that comes back to what the Eisners are. People do tend to prefer one type of comics over another, and the Eisners speak to a more traditional crowd."

Meanwhile, Timothy Callahan and Chad Nevett delve into the nominations. [Eisner Awards]

Creators | Less than a month after he deleted his blog "for good," artist Tony Daniel is back online: "I got po'd and pulled the blog down. But now I'm back and ready for more punishment." [Tony Daniel]

Publishing | With the (somewhat controversial) announcement last week of Marvel Divas, David Brothers wonders what happened to Models, Inc., the all-ages miniseries by Paul Tobin and Vicenc Villagrassa that was scheduled to debut in February. [4thletter!]

Publishing | Project Manager Jim Zubkavich discusses the UDON Kids line of manga: "The manga market is growing up and we're going to see a generational shift in those readers. Manga readers are getting older and they're having kids or have nieces and nephews or younger brothers and sisters who are interested by the style and storytelling in manga. Having age-appropriate manga content for that age group and being able to introduce new readers to comics and manga has business potential but is also something we feel strongly about as fans of manga and anime as a whole." [Good Comics For Kids]

Publishing | Writer Steve Niles and designer Alex Lodermeier have launched Bloody Pulp Books, "a small art house pulp paperback publisher." The first release, a Cal McDonald book called The Y Incision, will be illustrated by Kelley Jones. [Fangoria]

Publishing | Viz Media Editor Nick Mamatas provides details about Haikasoru, the publisher's new line of Japanese science-fiction and fantasy novels. [Manga Recon]

Publishing | Bill Radford talks to Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger about the end of 100 Bullets, and what's next for the DC Comics imprint. [The Gazette]

Creators | USA Today discovers Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster, and chats with historian Craig Yoe about that era in the artist's life. [USA Today]

Creators | Xaviar Xerexes interviews webcomics creators Brian "Box" Brown and Ali Graham. [ComixTalk]

Manga | Jason Thompson examines some series that followed in the footsteps of Dragon Ball. [i09.com]

Comics | Ben Morse looks back at some Marvel and DC series that he was sorry to see canceled. [The Cool Kids Table]

Weirdness | Remember the running joke in Star Trek in which Chekov credited countless creations and discoveries to Mother Russia? I was reminded of that when I read this sentence in a Scottish newspaper article about a thread of Catholic spirituality that supposedly runs through the three Spider-Man movies: "The link between Spider-Man and spirituality is strengthened by the fact that the films were based on graphic novels penned by Mark Millar." [Scotsman]

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