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Retailing | Sean Kleefeld considers the future of direct-market distribution: "If/when Marvel and DC cut back -- and I suspect they'll do so more-or-less simultaneously, since they've historically made significant changes roughly in tandem -- that will absolutely kill a good number of retailers. And it will absolutely cause all sorts of headaches and ulcers for all those working in the comic industry. But it won't kill all the retailers, and there will continue to be SOME market for pamphlet comics. Just like there is, despite the anecdote, a market for buggy whips." [Kleefeld on Comics]

Publishing | DC Comics is looking for a coordinating editor, the position held until recently by Jann Jones. As we noted earlier this month, Jones reportedly has landed at Viz Media. [Comix 411]

Publishing | San Francisco-based publisher eigoMANGA has struck a deal with EBSCO to make subscriptions to Rumble Pak and Sakura Pakk available worldwide to public schools, universities, hospitals and military bases. [press release]

Publishing | Ada Price spotlights the online magazine Smith, which has published Shooting War and A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge. [PW Comics Week]

Publishing | Brandon Soderberg criticizes publishers for releasing high-priced deluxe reprints: "The act of reissuing is a mix of hubris, fan boy excitement gone wrong in the best and worst way, and opportunism. On one hand, it's really cool to know that Tatsumi's work is now sitting at the shelves of Barnes & Noble for any and everybody to pick up and it boils down to a rather small and independent company putting it out because they really liked it and the popularity of Manga might sell some copies, but on the other hand, there's an uncomfortable sense of imperialistic takeover there too." [Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader?]

Awards | Japanese publisher Kodansha has announced the winners of its 33rd annual Manga Awards. Each winner receives a certificate, a bronze statue and about $10,000. [Anime News Network]

Awards | Suvudu continues its "Eisner Shakedown" with a look at the nominees for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism, which includes Comic Book Resources. [Suvudu]

Conventions | Still more reports are trickling out of last weekend's Toronto Comic Arts Festival: PW Comics Week and NOW Magazine. [Toronto Comic Arts Festival]

Creators | Brian Michael Bendis goes behind the scenes of Marvel's Secret Invasion, at least until Ed Brubaker cuts in. "Personally, I’m a little 'tie-in phobic'," Bendis says. "I like a great tie-in, but I hate a bad one. I hate a cheap one. I hate one that feels like 'This writer or this editor just wants the bump or whatever — or the perceived sales bump.' We put it out there, and Joe Quesada, particularly, is not a giant fan of the alien invasion genre — so he was really pushing for anything that was really different and new. And he said, 'Listen: we’re not doing Skrull-Reveal-of-the-Week. That’s the same joke over and over again. I don’t care how clever you think you’re being, it will be old by May and we still have six more months of stories. You have to come up with a different pitch'." [Omnivoracious]

Creators | Christopher Irving talks with Joe Infurnari about "Vs.," The Process and The Transmigration of Ultra-lad: "Ultra-lad is about nostalgia. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately, and it’s a Trojan horse that lulls you into this quiet comfort and familiarity of these musty old comics, but I think the message behind Ultra-lad is to not be nostalgic. Life is about moving forward. The characters in it are ensnared in some way because of their inabilities to accept life as it is." [Graphic NYC]

Creators | Jim Ottaviani discusses his new graphic novel T-Minus: The Race to the Moon. [Yet Another Comics Blog]

Creators | Matt Badham chats with 2000AD writer Al Ewing about his reverence for Judge Dredd, his writing process and his upcoming projects. [Forbidden Planet International]

Creators | Johanna Draper Carlson talks to collaborators Kevin Church and Max Riffner about their webcomic Lydia. [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Singer/model/actor-turned-comics creator Tyrese Gibson paid a visit to the offices of Diamond Comic Distributors in Torrance, Calif. His comic Mayhem will be released in August through Image Comics. [Meltdown Comics blog]

Pop culture | Author and Cleveland native Harlan Ellison has refused the Cleveland Arts Prize for lifetime achievement in part because he would have to pay his own expenses to attend the ceremony. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, via GalleyCat]

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