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Publishing | Marvel reportedly has issued a round of Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices to Google in an effort targeting Blogger sites that serve as clearinghouses for links to pirated comics. (Blogger was purchased by Google in 2003.) One such blog, Comics Invasion, already has been shut down. [Bleeding Cool]

Passings | Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad passed away Saturday of natural causes. He was 86.  The winner of three Pulitzers, an achievement matched by just two other cartoonists in the post-World War II era, Conrad worked for the Los Angeles Times for nearly 30 years, and earned a place on President Nixon's infamous "enemies list." [Los Angeles Times, Comic Riffs]

Publishing | David Brothers considers the state of DC Comics: "DC is clearly trying to turn a corner and move away from their past in one way or another, and Diane Nelson seems to be encouraging that, judging by how DiDio describes her 'Why not?' philosophy. We're still in the middle of the transition to a New DC, and while there are several new developments, we aren't quite at the point where we can point what their new direction will be." [Comics Alliance]

Publishing | David Wolkin crafts a timeline of Joe Quesada's decade as editor-in-chief of Marvel. [Comics Alliance]

Crime | A suspected burglar, 28-year-old Robert Summers, was shot and killed early Wednesday in a confrontation with the owner of a Lancaster, California, store that's been identified as Bases, Cards and Games. [Los Angeles Daily News, Bleeding Cool]

Crime | Adjeel J. Bartley, 21, was charged over the weekend with burglary, criminal mischief and giving false information to police after he allegedly broke in to The Comic Book Store in Glassboro, New Jersey. [Gloucester County Times]

Crime | Marc Rowland, 36, was convicted last week of burglary and resisting law enforcement in the attempted break-in at Castle Comics and Cards in Lafayette, Indiana, in June 2009. Rowland was wearing a black ninja outfit, and tossed away a vest containing carbon dioxide cylinders, throwing stars and a walkie-talkie as he attempted to escape police. [WLFI.com]

Conventions | Ann Hoevel and Barbara Vey report on Dragon*Con, which was held over the weekend in Atlanta. [CNN.com, Publishers Weekly]

Retailing | Profiles of Rock Bottom Comics in Columbia, Missouri, A&M Comics in Miami, and Astro-Zombies in Albuquerque, New Mexico. [MOVE Magazine, Miami New Times, Daily Lobo]

Creators | Legendary cartoonist Mort Walker, 86, talks about the 60th anniversary of his comic strip Beetle Bailey: “I don’t know how I’d be retired. I wake up every day with another idea.” [The Associated Press]

Creators | Mark Kardwell interviews Brendan McCarthy about his Spider-Man: Fever miniseries -- the collected edition hits shelves this week -- which could just lead to another Marvel project: "... Another story has started to take shape, probably just starring Dr. Strange and Clea ... I'm interested in different forms of magic and enchantment, not just that dark Aleister Crowley angle ... Hollywood, for example, is certainly a place of magic: Enchantment by the manipulation of projected light. The name 'Hollywood' has a deeper esoteric meaning too. The wood of the Holly tree was used by Druids to make wands. I think Dr. Strange should get involved with The Light-masters of Hollywood. There's some great online articles by Jay Weidner on the esoteric symbols concealed in corporate Hollywood movies." [Bad Librarianship]

Creators | Johanna Draper Carlson talks to Colleen Doran about the business of freelancing and self-publishing. [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Posy Simmonds discusses the film adaptation of her comic Tamara Drewe. [The Scotsman]

Creators | Julianne Mattera spotlights John Ostrander, who held a writing workshop in Durand, Michigan. [The Argus-Press]

Creators | Writer Stuart C. Paul chats about his new Wildstorm series Ides of Blood. [Fangoria]

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