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Conventions | The recession and declining book sales cast a gloomy shadow over BookExpo America, which opens today in New York City. [The New York Times]

Events | Despite grousing by journalists, the opening of the Hergé museum in Belgium appears to have struck the right chord: "Within is a landscape of the imagination, brightly lit and coloured, as outside a steady drizzle falls against the windows from leaden skies. If that sounds like a memory of childhood reading indoors, it is no accident. Since Tintin’s first appearance in a Belgian Catholic newspaper 80 years ago, generations have roamed the world vicariously through his comic-book adventures as a trouble-prone (if unusually clean-living) foreign reporter." [The Economist]

Conventions | C.B. Cebulski posts pre-opening photos from Barcelona's 27th annual International Comic Fair, which kicks off today. [Chesterfest]

Sales charts | I'm pretty sure The New York Times Graphic Books Best Seller List is just screwing with me: The Dark Tower: Treachery and Watchmen are already back atop the hardcover and paperback categories. However! Naruto loses its hold on the manga division as Negima! Vol. 22 and Full Metal Alchemist, Vol. 18, take the top two spots.

Superman: New Krypton, Vol. 1, enters the hardcover chart at No. 2, while Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 4, slips to the second spot in paperbacks. [ArtsBeat]

Publishing | Lori Henderson considers the ramifications of recent price increases by manga publishers. [Manga Xanadu]

Creators | Congratulations to Rick and Danni Remender on the birth Wednesday of Edie Dade Remender.

Creators | Margaret Shulock walks through her process for writing the Apartment 3-G comic strip. [Six Chix, via Mike Lynch]

Creators | "Earth 2100," an upcoming environmental special by ABC News, will include graphic novel-style sequences that feature the work of Josh Neufeld, Sari Wilson, Joe Infurnari, George O'Connor, Tim Hamilton and Leland Purvis. [Yahoo News, Dean Haspiel]

Creators | High Moon artist Steve Ellis is profiled. [Ditmas Park Blog]

Creators | Managing Editor Parry Shen discusses Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. [Ventura County Star]

Legal | Keith Whitcomb Jr. summarizes a strange wrongful-termination lawsuit in Vermont that centers, in no small part, on one employee being repeatedly referred to as  "Batman." Was it a silly nickname among comic-book nerds, or a racial slur? [Bennington Banner]

Politics | Papercutz, publisher of Nancy Drew graphic novels, is quick to pounce on remarks by President Obama that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotamayor was inspired by the girl detective. [Papercutz blog, National Post]

Politics | Etan Bednarsh is upset with Archie Andrews, and insists it's for the same reason some liberals are displeased with President Obama. I guess? [The Huffington Post]

Manga | I agree with David Welsh: Someone in North America should license the wine manga Kami no Shizuku ("The Drops of God"). [Precocious Curmudgeon]

Comics | Matt Ampersand looks at some key moments from Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America. [The Weekly Crisis]

Comics | Siskoid gives thought to one of the more offbeat super powers: the ability to communicate with animals. [Siskoid's Blog of Geekery]

Comics | "Peter Parker, Player." [Comics Oughta Be Fun]

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