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Conventions | ICv2.com reports that although exhibit space and attendance were down from the last New York show, the overall feeling was generally positive at this weekend's BookExpo America. Heidi MacDonald, Brian Heater and Geekanerd's AHR also post from BEA, where David Small's autobiographical graphic novel Stitches apparently was the toast of the show. [BookExpo America]

Publishing | IDW Publishing announced at BookExpo America that it has secured the rights to 100 short stories by prolific writer Robert Bloch, author of Psycho and the Hugo Award-winning "That Hell-Bound Train." [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | Latoya Peterson picks up on the Marvel Divas miniseries, and remembers why she "decamped from American comics in the first place and ran straight into the arms of the Japanese manga market." [Guardian]

Conventions | Mark Waid blogs briefly from the 27th International Barcelona Comics Fair, where DC Comics' Batman in Barcelona: Dragon's Knight received some international attention. [MarkWaid.com]

Retailing | The Beguiling's Christopher Butcher live-blogs part of his monthly Previews order again: "So what do we have? Another 1 in 250 copy variant on Blackest Night #1. I appreciate that DC is getting behind this one in a big way… Free Comic Book Day, two years of build-up, all of that. But again, this is a program that rewards large retailers and encourages small retailers to take potentially very unhealthy positions on books. Man, if I’ve heard the rumours about Diamond being in a cash-crunch because of the number of comic stores closing (and not paying their bills…) then SURELY DC has heard the same thing… and yet they’re encouraging stores to drop an extra 500-600 bucks to nab an “incentive” cover. Or they’re just shutting those customers out entirely. This is the worst thing in the comics industry right now. The Worst." [Comics212]

Creators | Alasdair Wilkins talks with Kurt Busiek about DC Comics' Trinity, which just wrapped up its 52-week: "The one time I talked with Jack Kirby, he told me that it didn't matter how weird or cosmic or far out anything got, as long as your characters reacted to it the way real people would. Give the audience a vantage point they can comprehend, a place to stand that feels real, and they'll comprehend the bigger stuff." [io9.com]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon interviews Bob Fingerman about From the Ashes, apocalyptic literature and his illustrated book Connective Tissue. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | A profile of Belgian cartoonist Hergé and Belgian painter René Magritte, tied to the openings of museums dedicated to their work. [Time.com]

Creators | Jason Shawn Alexander, most recently the artist for Dynamite's Dead Irons, reveals he'll be working on Marvel Zombies. [Blood and Whisky]

Fandom | James Hunt wonders whether readers might be better off buying older comics. [Den of Geek]

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