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Publishing | Tom Spurgeon has word of more staff departures from Wizard Entertainment: Darren Sanchez, vice president of production and circulation, reportedly was fired, while photographer Dylan Brucie quit. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Jim McLauchlin provides an update on the health of legendary underground-comics creator S. Clay Wilson, who's recovering from a serious head injury. [The Hero Initiative]

Publishing | Dark Horse announced at BookExpo America that it will publish The Last Dragon, a young-adult graphic novel by best-selling author Jane Yolen. It will be painted by fantasy artist Rebecca Guay. [ICv2.com]

Publishing | Dark Horse also is looking for a comic retail manager. [Dark Horse]

Publishing | Shaun Huston chimes in with questions about the name of The New York Times' comics bestseller list: "In introducing 'graphic books' to the critical lexicon, the creators of The New York Times Bestseller Lists seem to have been compelled to simultaneously stand to the side of existing contests over comics, what they are, what they mean, who they are for, and make a statement about the 'maturation' of the form." [PopMatters]

Conventions | Brian Heater asks nearly two dozen creators and publishers what they'll be presenting at this weekend's Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Conventions | Rick Marshall runs down his haul from BookExpo America. [Splash Page]

Conventions | Strangeways creator Matt Maxwell reports from last weekend's Monsterpalooza horror convention in Burbank, Calif., where he met Warren Publishing founder James Warren: "Imagine this, ‘cause he actually approached my table unbeckoned, just wanting to investigate the offerings for himself.  I guess I did something right. He deferred all calls of 'sir' and the like, but did insist that I inscribed the book 'with respect,' smiling broadly. I did so happily." [Highway 62]

Retailing | Brendan Wright visits Comic Relief in Berkeley and Isotope in San Francisco. [The Wright Opinion]

Retailing | As part of its "Comic Book Store Clerks of America" series, The Los Angeles Times comics blog spotlights Vito DelSante, employee of Jim Hanley's Universe and writer of FCHS. [Hero Complex]

Retailing | Christopher Butcher continues his live-blogging of his monthly Diamond order: "I’m kind of having guilt pangs about not ordering this terrible fucking Obama/Resident Evil ‘parody,’ because I know it will sell off the rack, but it’s just conceptually awful, like the terrible Barbarian comics probably will too. But no one has preordered them so I just don’t want them on the rack, I’d like to stand for something, you know? Anyway, I am conflicted. But I am not ordering them. If someone really wants one they can do a special order." [Comics212]

Retailing | Matt Blind explains "The Seven Types of Bookstore Customers."[Rocket Bomber]

Creators | Draw! magazine launches its blog by posting an interview from the print edition with the always-interesting Guy Davis. The piece contains loads of Davis art, from thumbnails to inks. [Draw!]

Creators | Greg Rucka discusses the creation of Kate Kane/Batwoman, and the character's sexual orientation: "With Kate, that was an administrative decision from on high, there was a choice made: You know, the time has come. We’re gonna take arguably the most recognizable symbol that we have — that’s the bat — and we’re going to associate it with a character that from the start is going to be known as gay. It’s not going to be an after-school special story, we’re not going to do a pull back the curtain and duh-duh-duh, it’s from the word go. What we want is a new member of the bat family: We want this character to be female, viable and strong and among all those things she is also gay. And that is part of the character-making, right, as opposed to an evolving self-discovery story." [Xtra]

Creators | Johanna Draper Carlson talks with Galaxion creator Tara Tallan about the webcomic and her new print collection. [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Colleen Doran recounts a visit to the offices of DC Comics. [A Distant Soil]

Comic strips | Bruce Tinsley's Mallard Fillmore marks 15 years in syndication. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Webcomics | An extensive, and continuing, list of horror webcomics. [Comic Monsters forum, via Matt Maxwell]

Events | The Art Institute of Portland Gallery is hosting “Comic Noir: The Art of Joëlle Jones,” an exhibit showcasing excerpts and original art from You Have Killed Me, Jones' graphic-novel collaboration with writer Jamie S. Rich. The exhibit, which opens Thursday, runs through June 30. [Oni Press]

Comics | Jeffery Klaehn runs down his list of the 10 coolest comic-book magic users. [Pop]

Comics | Sean Kleefeld asks how well you know your lightning logos. [Kleefeld on Comics]

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