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Conventions | A report that Comic-Con International is planning to expand next year with a London show appears to be bogus, as Joe Gordon reports no franchise has been licensed and none of the event's details stands up to scrutiny. [Forbidden Planet International]

Publishing | Jim Zubkavich, project manager for Udon, discusses the publisher's new line of manga for young readers: "As tough as the publishing market can be sometimes, we feel it’s important not just to follow trends. A lot of companies are scaling back their publishing schedule. We feel now is a good time to take a few risks and try to expand our market. A well-chosen core line of quality books targeted at an age group that loves manga but doesn’t have many choices of appropriate reading material to choose from right now is a solid move." [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Comic strips | Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot brings the incredibly shrinking comics page into perspective with a visual demonstration. [Stone Soup, via The Daily Cartoonist]

Publishing | Rachel Dukes, owner of San Diego-based Poseur Ink, talks about her music-themed anthologies Side A and Side B, and small-press publishing. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Publishing | Dark Horse has created a really nice PDF guide to its manga line. [Dark Horse]

Publishing | Is this an attempt at viral marketing gone wrong? [via Matt Springer]

Sales charts | When John Jackson Miller declared April as likely the first time DC's Detective Comics had ever topped the sales charts, some questioned how that could possibly be true. So Jackson delves into circulation figures from the 1930s to make sure. [The Comichron]

Creators | Brian Heater chats briefly with Achewood cartoonist Chris Onstad. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Artist Rob Guillory discusses his new series Chew, which debuts this week from Image comics. [Mania]

Creators | Cartoonist Eric Wight chats about his new children's book series Frankie Pickle. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Comics | Editor Charlie Beckerman reveals a little more about Tim Gunn's appearance in Marvel's Models, Inc. miniseries. [Boston Herald]

Webcomics | Writer Paul Tobin lists a few of his favorite online series. [Paul Tobin]

Comic strips | A statue of Dick Tracy will be unveiled in Naperville, Ill., on Oct. 4, the 78th anniversary of the comic strip's debut. Longtime series artist Dick Locher has lived in Naperville for 40 years. [Chicago Tribune]

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