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Publishing | There's been yet another firing at Wizard. This time it's controller Scott Klein, who reportedly was given his walking papers on Sunday. He's at least the fourth Wizard casualty in the past two weeks. [The Comics Reporter]

Retailing | Borders UK has hired a finance company to try to sell its 51 stores. [The Independent, via The Inkwell Bookstore Blog]

Retailing | David Welsh talks with Gail Kump, co-founder of distributor Midpoint Trade Books, about Fanfare/Ponent Mon and getting graphic novels into the hands of consumers. [The Comics Reporter]

Publishing | Eric Reynolds has a sneak peek at Jason's Spider-Man story from Marvel's recently (officially) announced Strange Tales MAX miniseries. [FLOG!]

Publishing | Dark Horse, Marvel and Wildstorm are hiring. Archaia is looking for an unpaid intern. [Comix 411]

Publishing | The anime licenses of bankrupt anime and manga distributor Central Park Media are being liquidated. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Hart Fisher recounts the origin of the "Marvel Can Suck My Cock" T-shirts he created and sold at Comic-Con in 1995. [Optimum Wound]

Conventions | There are, of course, more reports from the MoCCA Festival, not all of which are positive. Cartoonist Evan Dorkin complains about the new location and the organizational problems, and Dave Roman echoes most of Dorkin's sentiments. More upbeat recaps come from Derik Badman, Becky Cloonan, Rick Marshall, Rickey Purdin, David Stanley and Gary Tyrrell. [MoCCA]

Events | Studio XOXO, which includes such creators as Becky Cloonan, Steve Ellis, Joe Infurnari, Jason Little and Vasilis Lolos, will hold a free comics workshop on June 20 at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, N.Y. [XOXO]

Fandom | Matt Maxwell wonders why some people "struggle" through a work they don't like, and why some fans argue that superhero comics aren't inaccessible: "If you’ve been following them for more than ten years, you cannot say things like that and expect to be taken seriously. Just get that thought out of your head. Because the fact is that most superhero comics aimed at readers of ages 15+ are indeed largely opaque. Accept it. Own it." [Comics Waiting Room]

Fandom | Samuel Rules revisits the issue of fan entitlement (aka "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch"). He gets his facts wrong about Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, though. [Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader?]

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