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Creators | Takehiko Inoue announced he's placing his award-winning samurai adventure Vagabond on hiatus because of ongoing health problems. The manga has been serialized since 1998 in Kodansha's Weekly Morning magazine and collected in 32 volumes; 31 of those have been released in the United States. Inoue will continue to work on his basketball manga Real, which is released at the more leisurely pace of about one volume per year. [The Eastern Edge, via Journalista]

Publishing | Todd Allen looks at moves by comics publishers to partner with OverDrive to make single-issue comics available to libraries as e-books: "With some 11,000 libraries being supplied digital material from OverDrive, this market offers a significant chance to get comics in front of new readers. According to the July 2010 sales estimates at ICV2, the Marvel Adventures version of Spider-Man sells 6,347 copies; Marvel Adventures Super Heroes sells 4,564. For a small publisher like Moonstone, the chance for more exposure is even greater." [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | Dark Horse has hired Kari Yadro for the newly created role of events and community manager. She will coordinate the publisher's events, including trade-show and in-store appearances, and focus on social-networking strategy. [press release]

Comic strips | Today marks the 80th anniversary of Blondie, the Chic Young-created comic strip that spawned radio, film and television series, comic books, a sandwich, and a restaurant franchise. [Examiner.com]

Creators | The Eastern Edge continues its translation of a conversation between Takehiko Inoue (Vagabond, Slam Dunk) and Eiichiro Oda (One Piece). "The fun moments are diminishing for me," Inoue says. "The time I spend drawing wild hair is kind of fun, though. When I’m making exceptional progress, all the time I spend drawing is enjoyable, but recently I don’t really get that feeling very often. I feel a little as though I may have come to a point where I'm facing an impending crisis." [The Eastern Edge]

Creators | Jim Shooter is profiled in advance of an appearance on Saturday at Dewey's Comic City in Madison, New Jersey. [Daily Record]

Creators | David Harper talks to Kody Chamberlain about his new Image Comics crime series Sweets. [Multiversity Comics]

Creators | Shirtlifter creator Steve MacIsaac, the first recipient of Prism Comics' Queer Press Grant, is interviewed on the organization's website. [Prism Comics]

Manga | Deb Aoki recommends 50 essential manga for libraries, ranging from Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist and Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Death Note to Yoshihiro Tatsumi's A Drifting Life and Yana Toboso's Black Butler. [About.com]

Webcomics | Katie Crocker spotlights a handful of online comics, including Tessa Stone's Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name and Tracy J. Butler's Lackadaisy. [The Daily Gamecock]

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