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Publishing | IDW Publishing is partnering with Archie Comics to reprint some of the earliest and most iconic Archie comic strips as part of the Library of American Comics imprint. The move was hinted at last week in the inclusion of an IDW executive on a list of participants in an Archie Comics panel at Comic-Con International.

The initial hardcover will collect original strips by publisher John Goldwater and artist Bob Montana. Additional Best Of volumes will showcase the work of such artists as Montana, Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg. Craig Yoe also is set to edit a series of collections of the mid-'60s Archie superhero title Archie as Pureheart the Powerful and the offbeat Archie's Madhouse. [press release, ICv2.com]

Publishing | Calvin Reid checks in with Vertical Inc., which has had to shift gears in the wake of the economic downturn. [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | DC Comics has announced that Tony Daniel will take over as writer and artist of Batman for six issues beginning in October. Daniel previously wrote and drew the Batman: Battle for the Cowl miniseries. [The Source]

Creators | Writer Nick Spencer discusses Existence 2.0, his new miniseries from Image Comics. [Comics Waiting Room]

Conventions | Heidi MacDonald provides an overview of Comic-Con International for a mainstream audience. [Publishers Weekly]

Comics | Doctor Strange ultra-fan Neilalien lays out his problems with the (former) Sorcerer Supreme's "great arc": "Switching to Brother Voodoo unlikely will solve what's best described in Aquaman terms as The Water Problem. The Magic Problem? There's been no actual exploration of a magical system that makes more sense, or a new way found to put Doctor Strange in danger, as Quesada says Doc requires, in any panel of New Avengers. Nope -- they're just trying the same shade of lipstick on a different pig. Brother Voodoo is weaker, so he'll feel in more pro-drama peril than Dr. Strange? Well, not anymore! -- making him Sorcerer Supreme, which apparently ups power now, and giving him the Eye of Agamotto nixes that storytelling advantage. Brother Voodoo's magic has a better rules system? We're one voodoo doll pin and shrunken head nonsensically affecting some godlike entity away from losing that advantage." [Neilalien, via Sean Collins]

Comics | Ben Morse looks at one of the most shameful periods in Avengers history: the early-'90s era of the leather jackets! "The Black Knight in a leather jacket with a little "A" symbol was like your 40-something uncle listening to Spin Doctors and trying to hang with you and your friends. Crystal and Sersi in biker gear was like the snobby girls at your high school putting their hair in dreadlocks unironically." [The Cool Kids Table]

Comics | Shaenon K. Garrity selects theme songs for such books as Fables, Ghost World and Cerebus. [Comixology]

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