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Publishing | Dark Horse Comics and Vanguard Productions have reached an agreement on who will publish Frank Frazetta’s White Indian comics after each company had reached separate agreements with different members of the Frazetta family. Dark Horse has taken The Classic Comics Archives Vol. 1: White Indian off their schedule. Vanguard will release the Complete Frazetta White Indian Collection, while Dark Horse will collect all the post-Frazetta material that featured the character. [ICv2]

Passings | Mark Evanier reports that Jerry Grandenetti, who began his career as an art assistant to Will Eisner on The Spirit, passed away Feb. 17. Grandenetti's work appeared in Creepy, Eerie, House of Mystery, Prez and Championship Sports, among many other titles. [News from Me]

Pricing | Douglas Wolk considers the higher price of comics: "Twenty years ago, the price of a new mainstream comic book was 75 cents, about to make the leap to a dollar, the same percentage they're currently increasing. For a $20 bill, you could get a stack of a couple dozen titles, with some interesting indie experiments thrown in.

"Since then, the price of comics has zoomed far ahead of the cost of living: $20 in 1990 is the equivalent of a bit over $33 now, while new mainstream comic books have more than quadrupled in price. And what happens when comics abruptly increase their cover prices by a third while adding little or no extra content--and the $20 standard gets you all of five 22-page comic books that take a few minutes apiece to read--is that that value proposition gets a lot less enticing." [Techland]

Conventions | Heidi MacDonald, Ben Towle, Brian Heater and Mike Dawson all report on last weekend's Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Md. Geoff Grogan, meanwhile, discusses why he didn't exhibit at the show this year. [SPX]

Digital comics | Michael Cavna talks to cartoonists whose work was previously rejected by Apple about the company's newly relaxed content policies.

"While I love the fact that professional political satirists are exempt from the ban on offensive or mean-spirited commentary -- and methinks I may have had something to do with that clause -- these new rules are no substitute for good human judgment by Apple gatekeepers," said Mark Fiore, whose "Newstoons" application was rejected last year but approved eight days after he won the Pulitzer Prize. "At any rate, I'm happy that Apple is more specific when it comes to issues of free speech." [The Washington Post]

Publishers | Brett Warnock of Top Shelf Productions talks about conventions both large and small, Top Shelf's publishing schedule and cover design. [Whatever]

Comics | Ben Morse shows his appreciation for the character Dick Grayson by looking back at some of his more recent key appearances. [The Cool Kids Table]

Comics | Ty Templeton lists the seven best gay characters in comics. [Ty Templeton's Art Land]

Creators | Marvel editor Nate Cosby talks about social media, the editor's role in promoting comics and literary adaptations, among other topics. [ComicsAlliance]

Creators | Deb Aoki provides a transcript of the Moto Hagio spotlight panel from this past summer's Comic-Con International, as well as her own interview with the shojo manga pioneer. [About.com]

Retailers | Jamie and Erin Sullivan have opened I.E. Comics and Gaming -- "Imagine Everything" -- in Hemet, Calif. [Valley News]

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