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Legal | A bill introduced this week in the U.S. Senate would allow the Justice Department to seek court orders against piracy websites located anywhere in the world. The bipartisan legislation, called the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act, would permit the government to seek an injunction ordering a U.S. domain registrar or registry to stop resolving an infringing site's domain names. That means a visitor attempting to access a targeted piracy site would instead get an error message. Domains outside of U.S. control could be blocked by Internet service providers upon a court order. [Threat Level, ICv2.com]

Business | Time Warner has extended the contract of Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer through December 2013 as part of a management restructuring that sees WB President and COO Alan Horn shifting from his current position into a consultancy role in six months. And in a move that may look vaguely familiar to watchers of DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. executives Jeff Robinov, Bruce Rosenblum and Kevin Tsujihara will share as part of a new Office of the President that will report directly to Meyer beginning in April. DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson reports to Robinov, currently president of Warner Bros. Picture Group; it's unknown whether that will change in the new structure. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Business | Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter, who's worth an estimated $1.65 billion thanks primarily to Disney's purchase of the company, clocks in at No. 250 on Forbes magazine's list of 400 Richest Americans. [Forbes.com]

Business | On the flipside, sort of, Stan Lee rates a spot on a list of the 10 worst celebrity business owners. [WalletPop]

Publishing | Benjamin Simpson and Jason Wood offer analysis on this week's DC Entertainment announcements, specifically focusing on the strengthening of the DC "brand," and why the Vertigo imprint survived while WildStorm was shuttered. [iFanboy]

Editorial cartoons | Award-winning editorial cartoonist Ed Gamble has been laid off in a round of cutbacks at The Florida Times-Union. [Jacksonville.com]

Retailing | This isn't exactly comics-related, but video-rental giant Blockbuster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Retailing | Flavorwire breaks down the 10 greatest comic stores in the United States. [Flavorwire]

Creators | Douglas Wolk briefly interviews artist Dustin Nguyen. [Techland]

Creators | Matthew Meylikhov talks to writer Kieron Gillen about his plans for Marvel's Uncanny X-Men. [Multiversity Comics]

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