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Publishing | Stan Lee, whose POW! Entertainment has a first-look deal with Disney, gives his seal of approval to The Walt Disney Company's $4-billion acquisition of Marvel Entertainment: "I think it's the best thing for the two companies. The synchronicity is perfect. Disney makes great movies, but you need a subject to make the movies out of. Marvel has a library of [more than 5,000] characters. Certainly half of them would make great movies. These are colorful characters that are unique and have different backgrounds and you now have them available in your library. Disney now has access to all of that." [Comic Riffs, Media Decoder]

Publishing | John Jackson Miller takes a historical look at the Disney-Marvel pairing while Nick Nadel chronicles the previous owners of the House of Ideas. [The Comichron, Comics Alliance]

Retailing | Retailer Christopher Butcher once again live-blogs his monthly Previews order. [Comics212]

Creators | The deadline for submissions for the 2009 Queer Press Grant is Oct. 1. [Prism Comics]

Creators | Derek Kirk Kim is serializing his new story TUNE: Praxis and Allies online at the rate of one panel per weekday. [TUNE, via Comixtalk]

Creators | Richard Sala discusses the story behind Cat Burglar Black. [First Second Books]

Creators | Brian Heater continues his multi-part interview with Jordan Crane. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Irene Gallo talks to Brom about his third illustrated novel The Child Thief: "The ideas come easy to me, and I love the act of writing, but just like painting, I had to work very hard to develop my craft to a point where it was publishable. What was more difficult, at least in the beginning, was convincing a publisher that it was okay to put pictures and words together in an adult novel. The publishing market can be very conservative at times and in many publishing houses pictures books are for children only." [The Art Department]

Creators | Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz talks about his new comic Fall Out Toy Works. [USA Today]

Comics | "The Punk Rock Way to Start Making Comics." [Comix 411]

Comics | Jonathan Liu recommends seven comics for older kids. [GeekDad]

Art and design | Six fonts that piss people off. [Fast Company]

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