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Publishing | The week ends, of course, with more coverage of Disney's announced $4-billion purchase of Marvel.

Columnist Colby Cash offers a broader overview of the deal, and an assessment of the state of Marvel and the comics market: "It's ridiculous to think that Spider-Man alone -- the brand, the heritage, the myth -- isn't worth $4-billion. Comics don't make money anymore, but comic-book characters are a different story. [Marvel CEO Ike] Perlmutter didn't do so explicitly, but he has effectively defined the place of the old-fashioned superhero comics periodical in the 21st century, and imposed that definition on the market. Comics are henceforth to be considered a break-even business that is essentially a research-and-development lab for storytelling."

Ryan Nakashima, meanwhile, uses efforts by Disney to woo a young male audience with the rebranded Disney XD channel as the centerpiece of an article about the acquisition: " While there's no harm in attracting more girls to the channel, Disney also wants to draw more advertising for boy-focused products like video games and action figure toys. That might have taken years on its own. Now Marvel is expected to bring more superhero power to Disney XD, adding to the 20 hours per week that Marvel content already runs on the network." [National Post, The Associated Press]

Publishing | With the dismantling of anime distributor and manga publisher A.D. Vision complete, a blogger checks on the status of bankrupt Central Park Media. [Nigorimasen! Blog, via Anime Vice]

Publishing | DC Comics Art Director Mark Chiarello talks briefly about Wednesday Comics. [4thletter!]

Retailing | Oliver Sava recommends Chicago-area comic stores to college students. [A.V. Chicago]

Creators | I like this profile of legendary cartoonist Sergio Aragonés: “Like pain, laughter is inside of a person. It’s as natural as hunger. ... I’m thinking and laughing all day long. Every time I think of a joke, I’m also telling myself a new joke. It’s a great way to live.” [Ventura County Star]

Creators | PictureBox Publisher Dan Nadel provides a nice overview of the career of David Mazzucchelli. [Bookforum, via The ADD Blog]

Creators | Greg Rucka discusses Whiteout in both comic-book and movie form: "Steve [Lieber] and I did a graphic novel, and the goal was to tell a really good story in that format. Somebody came along and said, 'We will pay you to make this movie.' We were like, 'Thank you! Okay!' [Laughs] I can't really look at that and say anything after the fact. Even if I wasn't happy with it, and I'm very happy, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on because they had my blessing. You can't turn around afterwards and say, 'This isn't my story…' Well, duh!" [Artist Direct]

Creators | Linda Wertheimer interviews A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge creator Josh Neufeld and Leo McGovern, one of the subjects of the comic. [NPR]

Creators | J.H. Williams III chats briefly about his run on Detective Comics. [Gotham Knights Online]

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