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Business | It should come as no surprise that the creation by Warner Bros. of DC Entertainment, and the resignation of Paul Levitz as president and publisher, dominates the news again this morning.

I'll devote a separate post to that coverage, but there are a few links worth highlighting here: ICv2.com has a succinct timeline of Levitz's career to date plus earlier comments by the industry veteran about having "one of the best jobs on the planet." Kurt Busiek, Marv Wolfman and Rich Johnston offer solid tributes to Levitz and his accomplishments as head of DC Comics. And at Comic Book Resources, Kiel Phegley gathers reactions from industry figures. [Warner Bros. press release]

Legal | DC Comics is among the parties objecting to Google Inc.'s settlement with publishers designed to resolve a 2005 lawsuit accusing the Internet giant of infringing on copyrights by digitizing out-of-print books without permission. DC, Microsoft and the governments of France and Germany are among those who say the agreement -- $125 million and a registry to identify and compensate copyright holders -- violates international copyright law. [Bloomberg]

Business | Meanwhile, Disney Chief Financial Officer Tom Staggs told analysts the $4-billion purchase of Marvel Entertainment is unlikely to mean we'll see that company's superheroes at Walt Disney World. Existing licenses give Orlando exclusive rights to many of Marvel's best-known characters in theme parks east of the Mississippi and, in the case of Spider-Man, in Japan. However, other regions may be be a different story: ""As we get outside of Orlando -- and Spider-Man in Japan -- we have an opportunity in theme parks and, over time, we'll explore just how best to take advantage of that." [Orlando Sentinel]

Retailing | Big Monkey Comics in Washington, D.C., will close at the end of the month, an apparent casualty of the recession. [DCist, via Journalista]

Publishing | Manga publisher Seven Seas will release some of its top-selling original titles on the Amazon Kindle and through the Kindle for iPhone application for $3.50 per volume. [press release]

Manga | Is there anything the international-sensation wine manga The Drops of God can't do? [The Age]

Comics | Brian Gibson considers how comic books handle sex. "If people don't think of sex when they think of comics, sadly they do think of sexism — the ridiculous super-heroine costumes, fighting crime in high-heels and spilling out of your top," says Peter Birkemoe, owner of The Beguiling in Toronto. "More often than not, these criticisms are sadly justified." [Vue Weekly]

Conventions | Stan Lee will be the guest of honor at Pittsburgh Comicon, which kicks off Friday at the New Monroeville Exposition Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Other guests include Talent Caldwell, Danielle Corsetto, Ramona Fradon, Ron Frenz, Michael Golden, Mike Grell, Greg Horn, Adam Hughes, Jamal Igle, David Mack, Scott McDaniel, Mike McKone, Terry Moore, Tim Truman and Scott Wegener. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

Events | If you're anywhere near Chester, Illinois -- birthplace of cartoonist E.C. Segar -- this weekend, they're having the 30th annual Popeye Picnic, which will include the unveiling of a fifth statue along the Popeye Character Trail. [The Southern]

Creators | Christopher Irving profiles Brian Wood, touching upon his early career, his more recent work and the return of Demo: "The stories themselves are a little darker, with the notable exception of one. The inside joke is that I call that one the ‘Series One Love Story’, because it’s me trying to riff off some of the earlier Demos, the ones a lot of naysayers like to deride as 'emo'. Which is a term I’ve come to embrace with the book. I guess I’m old enough to remember when emo was a good thing!" [Graphic NYC]

Creators | Molly Crabapple chats briefly about Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, a drawing class with burlesque models, and her graphic novel Scarlett Takes Manhattan. [Digital City]

Creators | Hwan Cho discusses K.G.B., her newly launched webcomic collaboration with Becky Cloonan. [Reverse Direction]

Creators | John Hogan interviews Adam Rapp (Ball Peen Hammer) and Laurie Sandell (The Imposter's Daughter). [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Creators | The University of Alberta's student newspaper spotlights alumnus Robert Burke Richardson, whose webomic Absolute Magnitude won the August Zuda Comics competition. [The Gateway Online]

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