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Publishing | Following Friday's news that as many as 80 employees will be relocated or fired in DC Entertainment's restructuring, Rich Johnston claims that most of the staff reduction will come from the end of temporary contracts. "DC has made it a policy to replace outgoing support staff with temporary staff for just this eventuality," he writes. "New positions will open in Burbank to cover what is now needed over there, but there will be no cross-country moving arrangements for temps to fill them."

Sean Kleefeld, meanwhile, provides commentary on the cuts: "Those layoffs? Those are for actual employees. Those are going to be admins and accountants and file clerks and licensing specialists and whatnot. Probably an editor or three. People who come in to DC's offices in New York City to do their job. But what about the comic creators who also suddenly have the rug pulled out from under them? With Wildstorm and Zuda going away, won't that mean all those creators who were working on books under those imprints no longer have an outlet for their work?" [Bleeding Cool, Kleefeld on Comics]

Digital comics | Deb Aoki interviews comiXology CEO David Steinberger about distributing Tokyopop's Hetalia: Axis Powers, and the possibility of more digital manga. [About.com]

Graphic novels | The Graphic Novel Reporter has released its list of essential fall reading, divided into categories for kids, tweens, teens, nonfiction and adult fiction. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Comic strips | The Bradenton, Florida, newspaper bids farewell to Cathy with an interview with cartoonist Cathy Guisewite's parents, Sarasota residents William and Ann Guisewite. [Bradenton Herald]

Creators | Legendary cartoonist Al Jaffee talks about his new memoir, his childhood, his early work for Timely Comics, and how the current Mad compares to the magazine's heyday: "The old version was easier for me to work in, because they did a lot of repeat articles like, 'Don't You Hate Christmas?' and then you do a lot of funny stuff about Christmas. I could keep coming back to Snappy Answers every six months or so. But now they decided that they have to be more on top of the news. They are also employing a lot of young cartoonists, like Johnny Ryan and others, who are very popular in alternative comics. There are things in it that don't appeal to me simply because I'm too old — references to new music groups, for example, that just go over my head. But I do read each issue cover to cover, and I think it is still a very good package." [Mother Jones]

Creators | Chuck O'Donnell profiles cartoonist Dean Haspiel, "the Godfather of Brooklyn's comic scene." “Dean can take credit for mentoring dozens of cartoonists and writers here in the Brooklyn area, and is easily the most outspoken voice on the comics being done from Williamsburg to Carroll Gardens or Gowanus,” says Christopher Irving, author of the upcoming book Graphic NYC Presents: Dean Haspiel — The Early Years. “But if you ever go to an event at Bergen Street [Comics] or to a local comic convention like King Con or the Museum of Comic and Cartoon’s annual fest, Dean is like the eye of a hurricane, and a lot of people count on him for his input. Dean doesn’t just put himself out there — he reaches out to others and makes things happen.” There's also a sidebar with a selection of Haspiel's quotes about Brooklyn, its comics scene and his work. [YourNabe.com]

Creators | Joe Vince compiles the first part of a two-part list highlighting the "New Crop of Female Comic Creators" -- Kate Beaton, Julia Gfrörer, Jöelle Jones, Amy Reeder Hadley, Julia Wertz and G. Willow Wilson. [OC Weekly]

Creators | Chris Horne profiles artist Craig Hamilton as part of a series focusing on Macon, Georgia, as "an unexpected hub of world-class comic book creators." [Macon Telegraph]

Creators | Dustin Harbin discusses becoming a full-time cartoonist, lettering Casanova, and releasing Diary Comics No. 1. [Charlotte Observer]

Creators | American Vampire writer Scott Snyder chats about genre, his upcoming first novel, and his "tremendous year." [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Dale Lazarov briefly spotlights Multiplex creator Gordon McAlpin. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Chris Cummins recommends nine "under-the-radar indie comics," from Incredible Change-Bots to The Muppet Show. [Topless Robot]

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