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Business | Ted Anthony takes an interesting approach to the proposed purchase of Marvel by Disney, viewing the merger as a wedding of "two of the dominant sets of myths that inform modern America."

"It's almost as if, decades ago, they made these decisions about America," says historian John Baick. "And one decided that America stops in the 1950s and the other decides that America plunges into a dark, chaotic future." [The Associated Press]

Business | Disney reportedly is in talks with Indian publisher Vimanika Comics to develop some of its characters, based on Hindu mythology, to television and film. [Times Online]

Business | Matt Maxwell wonders whether the Warner Bros./DC Entertainment restructuring could lead the company to buy Diamond Comic Distributors before its option runs out in 2011. [Comics Waiting Room]

Graphic novels | Marjane Satrapi's The Complete Persepolis is the selection for the 2010 One Book, One Philadelphia, the eight-year-old literacy program co-sponsored by the Free Library of Philadelphia and the mayor's office. Five thousand copies of the book will be distributed to every city library -- which could close on Oct. 2 -- and to at least one classroom in every high school in the district. Satrapi will launch the program Sept. 23 with a lecture at the Central Library. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Digital comics | Mangaka Shuuhou Satou, who in April announced he would make his comics available online a month after they appeared in print, made about $1,000 from the first day of paid downloads. [Anime News Network, Icarus Publishing]

Creators | Gail Simone reports that veteran writer John Ostrander underwent his 11th surgery last week for glaucoma: "The results are very positive, and John was able to, for the first time, not only update us from the hospital recovery, but also work while away from home." [Newsarama]

Creators | Atomic Robo co-creator Scott Wegener puts the healthcare-reform debate into terms that many free-lancers, unfortunately, can appreciate: "If I’m diagnosed with cancer in 2010 I will die. It’s as simple as that. ... Currently only two of the four people who work on Atomic Robo have health insurance, despite the fact that we all work long and hard as our jobs, pay our bills, and try to give a little back to the world in the form of what we create. In a few weeks it will be just one member of the team. And if our Canuck leaves Canada to be closer to a person they care about, it will very likely be zero." [Atomic Robo]

Creators | Author, editor and book designer Chip Kidd discusses book jackets, Batman, and the one item he'd save if his apartment were on fire: "This will sound really geeky: the original cover painting for Kingdom Come No. 3 by my friend Alex Ross. It was a DC comics four-part miniseries, the first look at what his version of Batman was going to look like, and this is the only cover in private hands." [Star-Tribune]

Creators | Editor and writer Andy Schmidt talks about IDW Publishing's Transformers: Continuum. [USA Today]

Comics | Graeme McMillan names eight of his favorite futuristic cities from comics. [io9.com]

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